Branch Members Please Note.

It is with the sad news that I have to inform members that the newly elected committee members have failed to respond to the duties and responsibility of the Branch and have tendered their resignations. Therefore the Branch is now in a state of possible closure. 

                                           Site Administration. 

Mrs Marie Howard remains Branch Treasurer and Mr John Pardoe remains as IT Manager.

Both Peter Mchugh and Adrian Smart have stood down after loyal service to the branch. 

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All Visitors Please Note.

Adverts may well appear on pages of this site in the future due to it’s being the free version of WordPress.  None of these adverts however are in any way endorsed or recommended by UKIP or Bromsgrove Branch. 

I do hope it does not detract you in any way from the sites information  and content about Bromsgrove UKIP Branch.

Thank you Site Admin. 



This site will be going through a period of change designed for the future of the Branch to be able to accommodate the ever changing circumstances we are all facing.
The aim is to make it more member proactive rather than informative as it has been in the past. The process will take some time and the format is under consideration.
Your patience is appreciated with regards this matter.   
Its reported that there has been a surge of new members joining UKIP.
Let’s hope it continues as more and more people realise the attempts made by Pro Remain Camps are false and the Brexit demands of the majority are slowly being denied the people of the UK.


Thank you for visiting our branch website. UKIP has a new interim leader  Gerard Batten. Join us and help our party ensure the British electorates desire to leave the European Union is delivered . We look forward to your returning on a regular basis. Thank you, Site Admin.

If You Are A Facebook User We Have Launched A Facebook Page Where You Can Ask Questions.

Most UKIP branches have their own Facebook Pages today.

Please Visit ours below.

After your visit to our website you feel you would like to join us please use the contact form and one of our branch members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Agenda’s And Minutes Are Posted On The Secure Page Which Requires The  Password.


Nigel’s abilities brought us here, if democracy eventually prevails  it will be because UKIP fought for it.

                       Peter.    Secretary ( Bromsgrove.







John Pardoe

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