Please read and sign this petition if you agree with the following.

( Its believed the government may well sign up as early as Monday the 13th November).

We believe that the peace and security of Europe depends wholly and solely on the UK’s membership of NATO, which has guaranteed the peace and security of Europe for over 60 years.

We further believe that the EU’s claim that a separate EU army is necessary in the face of a resurgent Russia is yet another attempt by the EU to rob member states of another part of their sovereignty.

We therefore call upon the British government to:

1. End its plans to include the UK’s armed forces in the planned or any future separate EU army;

2. Reject any request from the EU for such inclusion; and

3. Immediately withdraw its use of this bargaining chip in the Brexit negotiations with the EU.

We believe that failure by the British government to take the actions we have requested will not only weaken the UK’s hand in the Brexit negotiations but will almost certainly undermine our position in NATO, which has been the real guarantor of peace and security in Europe since 1949 and NOT the EU!

This petition will be delivered to:

  • UK Government
  • UK Secretary of Defence


Message from our branch Secretary.

UKIP Bromsgrove.       21-10-17

Fellow  Branch  Members and Former Members.

I am sending this email to those of you who form the first of my branch circulation lists,  which I retain at about twelve per list, for emailing purposes.

We are now approaching the end of 2017, sixteen months on from the Referendum and with UKIP now under the leadership of Henry Bolton.

As Secretary I have noticed that our paid up membership is now lower than pre – Referendum,  which was to be expected,  not least because our EU influenced press and media have relentlessly disseminated the mantra that : UKIP’s job is done, and that our crusade is no longer relevant.

In truth, the post Referendum period clearly demonstrates that UKIP is now more central than ever to achieving the severance from the EU that we voted for.

My lists derive from monthly Head Office updates, but I feel that I need to revise and rationalise them as a matter of some urgency.

It would be very helpful,  if you could indicate to me whether you   : remain ( or wish to remain ) as a paid up member, and also if you wish to remain on my circulation lists.

If your membership has not been renewed, and you would like to re-instate it,  please contact me and let me know ( email is best )

If you no longer wish to be on my branch circulation lists .  again, please email me accordingly .

However you want to be associated with UKIP and Bromsgrove branch in the future ,  we thank you for your support to this point in time, and hope that it will continue in some meaningful form.

Peter McHugh  Branch Secretary.


Henry Bolton Elected as The New Leader  of UKIP.





Adrian Smart Bromsgrove Branch Chairman.


Thank you for visiting our branch website. UKIP has a new leader and we are all looking forward to a new and exciting future with Henry Bolton at the forefront of our party. Why not join us and help our party ensure the British electorates desire to leave the European Union comes to fruition. We look forward to your returning on a regular basis. Thank you, Site Admin.

If You Are A Facebook User We Have Launched A Facebook Page Where You Can Ask Questions.

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Please Visit ours below.

After your visit to our website you feel you would like to join us please use the contact form and one of our branch members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Agenda’s And Minutes Are Posted On The Secure Page Which Requires The  Password.

Message from our Branch Chairman. 

Dear Members,
Thank you all for remaining with us and supporting The UK Independence
It has been fifteen months since we won the Referendum against all odds.
Fifteen months of nothing ! We still pay in to the EU funding , we are still
an open door for any immigrants from the EU, we are still ruled by EU
Courts and we cannot trade openly still ruled by the German controlled
We have been through a terrible time with NO leadership or management
worth its salt !
Please make a sound decision and vote for who you think is best placed
and most experienced to become our new leader .
This Government is not fulfilling what we voted for, time is passing by ,
£350 million still going to the EU EVERY WEEK : funding their
immigrant policies , building new motorways in eastern europe , funding
dance groups in Africa , Building huge offices in Brussels for more
bureaucrats : while our NHS , Elderly Care, Schools , Police and
Immigration services are cut back !!!!!
Let us all hope the New leader of UKIP and its ‘re branding’ are a success
we will all know soon enough. Ukippers are a strong lot , together we can
be heard and remind this Government nationally we VOTED LEAVE.
Adrian Smart , Branch Chairman.
Any queries please email Adrian Smart

Message from our Branch Secretary.

Another golden age looms  !


If we Ukippers,  justifiably,  regard the period from the party’s inception till the Referendum as our golden age ,  then could we be about to embark on a second one,  after inaugurating our new leader at the National Conference  ?

I believe so,  and my optimism is based on the high calibre and diversity, of the candidates available to us, which augurs well for our party’s continued appeal to an electorate, heavily disenchanted with the old Lib Lab Con   media sustained, Westminster merry go round .

I picture us going forward, under a mature, able individual, working closely with a young talented candidate from the ranks of the army of young techno wizards that now dominate our twenty first century digital world.

Nigel’s abilities brought us here,  our next leader could even surpass his achievements, and you and I – the UKIP faithful – deserve no less.

If democracy eventually prevails here, it will be because UKIP fought for it.


                       Peter.    Secretary ( Bromsgrove.




Screenshot 2017-09-01 at 19.59.11

Both the UK and EU have expressed frustration at the pace of Brexit talks amid disagreement over the size of the UK’s “divorce bill”.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier said the UK did not feel “legally obliged to honour its obligations” after Brexit.

He said “no decisive progress” had been made on key issues, following the third round of talks.

But Brexit Secretary David Davis said the UK had a “duty to our taxpayers” to “rigorously” examine the EU’s demands.

And he urged the EU to be “more imaginative and flexible” in its approach.





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Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 13.12.11



Message from Branch Secretary.

UKIP. Bromsgrove.    4th May.

Disheartened ?    Never !


It goes with the territory, and these election results will be dealt with just as those in the past, and we will carry on.

In truth UKIP was not expecting a general election so soon after Theresa May took office, and no one could have entirely foreseen the direction events after June 23rd would take, and even the press and broadcast media are still coming to terms with the fact that they got things so badly wrong.

They got it badly wrong again a few months later in the US Presidential election, and with luck they will be wrong in the French Presidential Election this weekend.

So !  have the British electorate no further need  for UKIP , or have our EU funded pro EU Remainer press been instructed to condition them to believe that they no longer need us?

It was UKIP who lifted the lid on the conspiracy to integrate us into the Common Market as a prelude to entrapping us in a federal European Union, something that our press media and establishment had hidden very successfully since 1973.

Can we trust Theresa may ? probably !  but has  she the clout to resist the worlds real powerbrokers ?   unlikely !

The need for a revamp has been recognised within our party since Nigel stood down as leader, and initially we put our faith in Diane James but it wasn’t to be,  and her successor Paul Nuttall is aware that he may not be able, alone, to take us forward.

Our party leadership has not been idle. and we understand that the first steps in the party’s overhaul have already begun.

If this proves to be the time for UKIP in its present form, to bow out, we will not need telling, and should UKIP disappear tomorrow its place and our legacy is secure.

UKIP has been a monumental political phenomenon and that can’t be taken away from us,  and I am proud to have been part of it, & those that weren’t will think themselves accursed ! : Henry V

Our loyal membership  remains intact and 17 million people supported us in June 2016, and they still comprise a political force that could awaken quickly if Brussels tries to play hard ball, or Theresa May loses momentum .

We under Nigel,  kicked the Lib Lab Con table over, and lit a fire under Brussels, and we can do it again if necessary, even if under another name and other leaders.

The fat lady ain’t yet sung – the thin lady needs to sing louder – and she will need to keep looking over her shoulder because we will be watching, the future is bright if we remain vigilant, and defend our Britishness as we did in 1939.

The Secretary.








John Pardoe

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