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Bromsgrove Branch AGM.

Message from our Branch Chairman 


I wish to take this opportunity to thank every member of this branch, I know many of you could not attend the AGM on 13th Feb. for one reason or another. Thank you for your belief in the committee by returning them to their posts for another year.

My thanks extend to all of you who supported this branch throughout the  year particularly before the Referendum , out in all weathers tramping the streets leafleting, attending table days and  talking to the public. Thank you to the wives and husbands non members for tolerating us.

You were all magnificent. You . UKIP members won the vote in Bromsgrove 55% leave.

Be proud for your children and grandchildren, history in the making.

On 23rd February I will be going to Stoke to support Paul…..It could be a long day , I shall leave at about 7.30am from Bromsgrove , my car is small but I have room for three passengers , please email  return time unknown…..23rd is voting day….

This May are the County Council elections. We need both ‘give it a good try serious candidates’ and ‘paper candidates’ we will be working with H&W towards a few ‘targeted seats’ , If you wish to  put your name forward for either ‘type of candidate’ please do so asap to the above email address….

even a paper candidate will receive some votes , for just being UKIP, the point is we need as many votes nationally as possible for a variety of statistical reasons…….

A candidate can put themselves forward for any area  in Worcestershire , if you feel you do not want to be identified locally, no problem.

Lastly I want to thank Owen Cleary , Mike Wrench, Peter Jewel and Derek Bennet for their support and guidance.

I have tried to keep it short , apologies if I have omitted anyone or anything.

Adrian Smart.  Branch Chairman.

Message for Branch secretary Peter Mchugh.

         Fellow Branch Members,
         The Annual General Meeting took place this evening, at the Ewe and Lamb
         restaurant on Hanbury Rd, and the necessary business was successfully conducted.
         The existing committee stood down as the rules dictate,  and nominees were sought
         for the main posts.  Adrian re-stood for Chairman and was adopted,  Marie as
         Treasurer similarly,  Myself as Secretary, and John Pardoe became Membership Sec,
         and he will continue to administer our excellent branch website. 
         Invited guest Peter Jewell ( UKIPs  Legal Spokesman ) gave an excellent address, and
         expressed the view that the hard work being put in for the Stoke by-election, appears
         to be bearing fruit.
         Also in attendance were Owen Cleary  Worc’s Branch Chairman, and Mike Wrench
         Regional Organiser and Wyre Forest member.
         We look forward to a successful 2017.
                                                                           Regards           Peter McHugh Sec.


screenshot-2017-02-14-at-05-59-53Nigel Farage has said he is prepared to fight a by-election in South Thanet if claims about election spending are upheld and a rerun is ordered.

The Ukip leader had said he would be retiring from frontline politics but appears to  to be having second thoughts.

The Conservatives are facing a probe into their election expenses during the campaign for the Kent constituency and if they are upheld a by-election could be triggered.


Dear UKIP Chairman & branch activist,

No doubt you have seen in the news, on social media and in e-mails, loads of stuff regarding what is going on in UKIP at the moment.  As a member of 19 years who has seen all this before, I suggest we just keep our heads down, let those handful of people who want to have a scrap get on with it as it will all soon blow over, then carry on as normal behind whoever is elected to be our new leader.

For those of us who care about Britain where else is there politically but UKIP?  The Tories are a dangerous bunch who will smile at you while stabbing you in the back, the Lib Dems hate Britain, our democracy and sovereignty, Labour are now so far left they Make Lenin look like a softie and are scrapping amongst themselves even more than a few in UKIP.  Sadly, the Greens live in a fantasy world where they want us all to return using horse and carts and lighting our homes with candles.  UKIP is the only party to be with.

On Monday 15th August, at the Dunstable Park Race course in Wolverhampton, starting at 7.30 pm, there will be a UKIP leadership hustings where you will be able to hear from, and weigh up, all those who are hoping to be elected as our next UKIP leader, please go along, get there early and hear what they have to say.  Once our new leader is in place you will find things will soon settle down and UKIP can continue its historic and meteoric rise.

Regards, Derek Bennett.



Dear Supporters,

I would like to extend a massive, heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this possible

The ‘Leave’ vote on Independence Day was nothing less than a revolution in British politics.

Never before in our history has the Establishment received such an emphatic message from the people, or has the gulf between the self-regarding elites of the political class and those they are supposed to serve been thrown into sharper relief.

When the serried ranks of grim-faced career politicians who threatened that Brexit would mean lighting a bomb under the economy, plunging us into a Third World War and bringing about “the end of Western political civilisation” are forced to march through the parliamentary lobbies to give force to the public vote, it will be the greatest illustration of popular sovereignty this country has ever seen.

Our representatives will be left in no doubt that they are our servants, not our masters, and that the power they wield is lent to them by the people, it is not an entitlement they can hand away to unaccountable bureaucrats overseas on a whim.

None of this would have been possible without the tens of thousands of grassroots activists and supporters who took our case to doorsteps and shared our articles, news stories and videos with millions of people on social media. You have made history, this is your victory.

We delivered over 20 million leaflets, wrote to 10 million people, produced 500,000 car stickers and phoned 1 million people through our call centre in Bristol.
Our social media campaign was supported by a million people with our content reaching between 15 to 20 million people a week.

Thank you to everyone that played their part in this victory, you fought for your country and won.

Kind regards,

Arron Banks
Leave.EU Chairman
Screenshot 2016-06-29 at 07.49.37


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