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A Message From Our Branch Chairman.
After a disappointing year in some respects we now have a  UK following far in excess of previous years with growing membership and support for leaving the EU. Other groups are emerging with the same goals and eventually we will have to merge to home in together on this one target , leaving the EU.
Call me Dave will come back from his ‘negotiations’ with Merkel (note not the EU) , with promises of change at some time in the future. Dave will tell us all how successful he has been !
We must LEAVE THE EU and say NO enough is enough at the referendum vote. For this to happen our core members and supporters  must help and work towards our freedom. If you can recruit only one member each then you are helping our goal. Join new members through the Branch at discount rates for all including students and the unemployed.
Hopefully I will see you all at either the Branch Meeting and/or the AGM in January.
In the meantime I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR.
Adrian Smart, Chairman UKIP Bromsgrove Branch.


Dear Member and Supporters,


Our annual AGM will be taking place in January 2016 .

We want this AGM to be a forum where members can come along and raise any UKIP/political issue they want , the livelier the better. Please bear in mind 2016 could be the year in which the Brexit referendum will take place so we need to be on our toes and well organised to ensure we win the argument and the Referendum.

At the bottom of this email is an application form to stand for election to the Committee , it is always helpful to have new minds and a new outlook to refresh the Committee’s approach so , please , do put your name forward, complete the form and email it back to me by 15th January.After 10 years I am standing down from my post as Secretary so in particular we urgently need someone to take over, please volunteer.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Yours sincerely

Mark Starr, Secretary , West Worcestershire UKIP

15 nash green , leigh sinton ,wr13 5dr




West Worcestershire Association


Application to stand for election to the Committee


I , (print full name)………………………………………………………… , hereby apply to stand as


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for the above Committee for the year 2016/17.


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AGM meeting at 7.30 pm on Thursday 28 th January 2016
The Hanbury Turn Pub, 
44, Hanbury Road
B60 4LU
Google map to venue.

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Just weeks into taking power, the new Polish government is making itself felt in making small but heavily symbolic changes to the daily order of business. Having already torn up the previous government’s commitment to take thousands of migrants from the European Union (EU) as part of the continent-wide resettlement programme, Poland is now making tentative steps to remove visible signs of EU influence from public life.

Polish Flags 2

Under the last government, flags displayed at government events including press conferences were equally split between the Polish national, and the European Union. It was all change at Tuesday’s press conference with new Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who appeared at her podium with Polish flags only.

Asked about the change, Mrs. Szydlo said she was happy with Poland remaining inside the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but national matters called for the national flag.

In future government press briefings “will be held only with the most beautiful red and white Polish flags”, said Mrs. Szydlo.

The move has been called a ‘snub’ by Britain’s Financial Times and even prompted former Belgian prime minister and senior European Union parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt to tweet “So you do not wish EU flags, but still want EU money?”.

Mrs. Szydlo’s Law and Justice party won a majority in last month’s general election, the first time any party has been able to govern without coalition partners since the end of communism.

The new foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski has quickly become one of the most vocal elected politicians in Europe on the matter of mass migration in the few days he has held his post. Speaking to the BBC, he slammed migrants for masquerading as refugees while in Europe, which he said they were not and in doing so were violating international law.

Mr. Waszczykowski also stood by the comments of a party colleague who said migrants brought diseases and parasites into Europe, when pressed by the BBC to condemn them. Citing his experience with Arab countries, Mr. Waszczykowski said: “Such a large, uncontrolled migration may cause problems for the life of Europe”.

“I spent years living in foreign countries, living in the Middle East. I was the ambassador to Iran.

“I know this region, I know the culture, I know what might happen with uncontrolled migration from regions where war has been going on for years”.


The numbers joining us continue to climb with over 300,000 supporters now on board, and social media is flying. Facebook alone grew by 14,000 people last week. We have a major press conference on Wednesday to announce a new initiative, and we invite everyone to go to the website to watch it live, it will be covered on television too.

We need all our supporters to act as ambassadors and recruit other people by sharing social media posts and proactively recruiting new people. The team inBristol are doing a great job, but they need help.

In terms of funding, we need to ramp up our activities so I urge you all to make a donation via the website, phone 0800 999 4210, help deliver leaflets or join your local group. The merchandise section is now fully stocked so please consider buying a Christmas present for someone you know!

Kind regards,

Arron Banks
Leave.EU Co-Chairman

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January 28th, Menzies Hotel, 35 Hartlebury Road, Stourport-on-Severn DY13 9JA. Web-site:



UKIPs Nigel Farage Has Embarked On A Series Of Tours Around The UK

You Can Watch Them By Clicking On The Link Below.


Click on Look At The Main Events on the right hand of page for date of next live feed.
Fellow Members.
From October going through to the run up to next year’s elections, our UKIP MEPs nationally have been organising venues for public meetings around the country, most of these will only cost a £1 or so to attend and can be paid on the door.  There will, naturally, be more security and pre-booking for those where Nigel Farage will be speaking.
I have attached a list of the dates and venues for all the meetings in Coventry, Herefordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire which are in the areas covered by Jim Carver MEP.  Hopefully, you will be able to come along with people from your branch as well as friends and family – everyone needs to know why we have to quit the EU.
In addition to the attached, here is a link to the national web-site where you can look up the events:
As yet I can’t give you details of who the speakers will be as these are still being organised, but I am sure when you come along you will hear some excellent speakers and be provided with lots of sensible reasons why the UK would be better off out of the EU, which will help you spread the message and we can free our nation from the dead weight of the EU’s shackles.
Many regards and thanks for all you do for UKIP.  Derek Bennett.

West Midlands Combined Authority And Effects.

I give my take on the attached document “West Midlands Combined Authority – Copy of the Confidential Draft Agreement on Devolution Powers from Whitehall” downloaded from this news report which I have cleaned up and text recognised for convenience.

It portends massive and unsustainable WMCA borrowing, a ramp up in numbers of migrant job seekers, increased council tax and business rates. More speeding fines and city centre congestion charging.
Direct access is provided for the unelected European Commission to impose EU policy via the strings attached to loan funding including full audit, reporting and enforcement procedures.

This draft of the “First stage” of the process is clearly not the end of the beginning but it may be the beginning of the end!
Contentious issues such as the inception of the metro mayor and the devolution of (and cuts to) the regional NHS are postponed to later stages when the process will already have become irreversible.

Superficially there is much to be welcomed in the document, regarding creation of skills, training and jobs for local people. Also cleaning up brownfield sites to relieve housing pressures (or at least to slow the worsening housing problem). There appear to be steps forward regarding mental health and criminality. Also I think we can give limited support for a joined-up transport policy.
It is unclear as to how savings in “public service reform and efficiency” will be divided between cuts in services and genuine efficiencies.

Although the word “Europe” only appears once in the whole document (other than in the many abbreviations such as ESIF) the European Commission’s “Europe 2020” strategy for governance of the regions pervades much of the document.
To better understand this, the document is best read alongside the “Handbook on Europe 2020 …” which can be downloaded from this page
You find the tick-boxes of the five EU “headline targets” of employment, innovation, climate change, education and reducing poverty and exclusion are all ticked as the document progresses.

The “Midlands (Power House) Engine” will be a partnership of the East and the West Midlands Combined Authorities
The WMCA will be made up of the “constituent members” being the metropolitan boroughs who will “benefit” from a metropolitan mayor and devolved powers and the “non-constituent members” being the county, district and borough councils who are not able to “benefit” directly by devolution. They will have representation on a Joint Committee with WMCA.
Amendments to law “to provide for even stronger solutions” are proposed.

The WMCA is to have unlimited power to raise a council tax precept and supplemental business rate.  Some local authorities to be granted “greater flexibility over council tax”.
Such money and “gain share” additional VAT revenue on increased tourism etc. will be leveraged at a rate of thirteen times to obtain borrowing. Thus for every £100m p.a. tax increase, £1.3bn can borrowed.
(Note: Interest payable on EU and Treasury loans is index linked so it would not take much of a rise in interest rates to make this borrowing unsustainable).
The West Midlands Local Government Pension Fund is raided for borrowing; meaning that civil servant pensions are at risk from this insanity.

In addition some of the UK’s £20bn a year UK membership subscription to the EU is borrowed back with strings attached.

Investment will be made in expensive “green” rail and bus services. Road investment is limited to feed-in routes for HS2.
WMCA will pay £15m p.a. to remove point of use tolls on the M6 Toll. (This is the only conflict that I have noted with EU policy which is in favour of road tolls. It could therefore be blocked in negotiation or even tolls extended to the M6 and other routes in the years to come)
The WMCA is to receive moving traffic enforcement fines (expect an increase in cameras). City congestion charging will be implemented.
Midlands Connect partnership have currently £1.6 bn unfunded plans for HS2 road connectivity. The one thing that we do know is that it will all be borrowed money.

Otherwise welcome initiatives should be read in the context of the EURES scheme where jobs are advertised across Europe and relocation expenses are paid to job seekers.


1362 West Midlands Combined Authority CONFIDENTIAL draft agreement on proposed Devolution from Whitehall 10102015

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