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Message from our branch Secretary.

UKIP Bromsgrove.       21-10-17

Fellow  Branch  Members and Former Members.

I am sending this email to those of you who form the first of my branch circulation lists,  which I retain at about twelve per list, for emailing purposes.

We are now approaching the end of 2017, sixteen months on from the Referendum and with UKIP now under the leadership of Henry Bolton.

As Secretary I have noticed that our paid up membership is now lower than pre – Referendum,  which was to be expected,  not least because our EU influenced press and media have relentlessly disseminated the mantra that : UKIP’s job is done, and that our crusade is no longer relevant.

In truth, the post Referendum period clearly demonstrates that UKIP is now more central than ever to achieving the severance from the EU that we voted for.

My lists derive from monthly Head Office updates, but I feel that I need to revise and rationalise them as a matter of some urgency.

It would be very helpful,  if you could indicate to me whether you   : remain ( or wish to remain ) as a paid up member, and also if you wish to remain on my circulation lists.

If your membership has not been renewed, and you would like to re-instate it,  please contact me and let me know ( email is best )

If you no longer wish to be on my branch circulation lists .  again, please email me accordingly .

However you want to be associated with UKIP and Bromsgrove branch in the future ,  we thank you for your support to this point in time, and hope that it will continue in some meaningful form.

Peter McHugh  Branch Secretary.




Adrian Smart Bromsgrove Branch Chairman.


Thank you for visiting our branch website. UKIP has a new leader and we are all looking forward to a new and exciting future with Henry Bolton at the forefront of our party. Why not join us and help our party ensure the British electorates desire to leave the European Union comes to fruition. We look forward to your returning on a regular basis. Thank you, Site Admin.

If You Are A Facebook User We Have Launched A Facebook Page Where You Can Ask Questions.

Most UKIP branches have their own Facebook Pages today.

Please Visit ours below.

After your visit to our website you feel you would like to join us please use the contact form and one of our branch members will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You.

Agenda’s And Minutes Are Posted On The Secure Page Which Requires The  Password.


Message from our Branch Secretary.

Another golden age looms  !

If we Ukippers,  justifiably,  regard the period from the party’s inception till the Referendum as our golden age ,  then could we be about to embark on a second one,  after inaugurating our new leader at the National Conference  ?

I believe so,  and my optimism is based on the high calibre and diversity, of the candidates available to us, which augurs well for our party’s continued appeal to an electorate, heavily disenchanted with the old Lib Lab Con   media sustained, Westminster merry go round .

I picture us going forward, under a mature, able individual, working closely with a young talented candidate from the ranks of the army of young techno wizards that now dominate our twenty first century digital world.

Nigel’s abilities brought us here,  our next leader Henry Bolton could even surpass his achievements, and you and I – the UKIP faithful – deserve no less.

If democracy eventually prevails here, it will be because UKIP fought for it.

                       Peter.    Secretary ( Bromsgrove.


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After the latest news that negotiations have been successful and the EU have agreed to move onto the next stage of talks we are still not clear as to how much Theresa May has agreed to pay the EU.

Eventually the amount will be released to the public maybe.

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