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Message from Branch Secretary.

UKIP. Bromsgrove.    4th May.

Disheartened ?    Never !


It goes with the territory, and these election results will be dealt with just as those in the past, and we will carry on.

In truth UKIP was not expecting a general election so soon after Theresa May took office, and no one could have entirely foreseen the direction events after June 23rd would take, and even the press and broadcast media are still coming to terms with the fact that they got things so badly wrong.

They got it badly wrong again a few months later in the US Presidential election, and with luck they will be wrong in the French Presidential Election this weekend.

So !  have the British electorate no further need  for UKIP , or have our EU funded pro EU Remainer press been instructed to condition them to believe that they no longer need us?

It was UKIP who lifted the lid on the conspiracy to integrate us into the Common Market as a prelude to entrapping us in a federal European Union, something that our press media and establishment had hidden very successfully since 1973.

Can we trust Theresa may ? probably !  but has  she the clout to resist the worlds real powerbrokers ?   unlikely !

The need for a revamp has been recognised within our party since Nigel stood down as leader, and initially we put our faith in Diane James but it wasn’t to be,  and her successor Paul Nuttall is aware that he may not be able, alone, to take us forward.

Our party leadership has not been idle. and we understand that the first steps in the party’s overhaul have already begun.

If this proves to be the time for UKIP in its present form, to bow out, we will not need telling, and should UKIP disappear tomorrow its place and our legacy is secure.

UKIP has been a monumental political phenomenon and that can’t be taken away from us,  and I am proud to have been part of it, & those that weren’t will think themselves accursed ! : Henry V

Our loyal membership  remains intact and 17 million people supported us in June 2016, and they still comprise a political force that could awaken quickly if Brussels tries to play hard ball, or Theresa May loses momentum .

We under Nigel,  kicked the Lib Lab Con table over, and lit a fire under Brussels, and we can do it again if necessary, even if under another name and other leaders.

The fat lady ain’t yet sung – the thin lady needs to sing louder – and she will need to keep looking over her shoulder because we will be watching, the future is bright if we remain vigilant, and defend our Britishness as we did in 1939.

The Secretary.