Peter Mchugh. who uses the nom de plume of BROMSGROVIA.


Monday’s News Snippets       ( 19 – 3 – 18 )

In Sicily, one of Italy’s poorest regions, at the national elections, Beppe Grillo’s Eurosceptic 5 Star party won 72% of the vote and every seat, but one,

It thus broke the traditional grip of the socialists, and has perplexed the Mafia, and mainland Italy could soon become a case for concern in a Brussels desperately fighting to keep the EU together as discontent grows in more of its member states .

Meanwhile Theresa May’s team continue to concede all of our negotiating advantages to the other side,  whilst claiming that

“ progress is being made “  when we all know that the big Brexit sell out,  is underway.

Tucked away on the inside columns, is the heart warming announcement from Theresa the Appeaser, that £90 million pounds from dormant bank accounts is to be used to tackle high rates of unemployment amongst the youth in ethnic minorities ,

Not to help struggling NHS trusts, nor under- funded services for the elderly, but the unemployed youth in ethnic minorities.

Finally we learn, that children in Wales as young as seven will given an opportunity to have their say on Brexit, irrespective of the fact that Welsh adults are as confused as any in the UK, due the MSM being under instructions to ensure that the subject is presented to the electorate in a way that disguises Government duplicity most effectively.   hence there seems little point

Tory MP Nigel Evans, commented that : it was important to get young people interested, and that hopefully they will have more mature views on democracy than some of the people who are elected to the Welsh Assembly !     Best not to comment one feels .



The Chancellor Philip Hammond Spring Statement

Spring statement he should have made !                               15 – 3 – 18

RIGHT Honourable Members we are here today, with much to congratulate ourselves on, and even more that we shouldn’t, and I shall avoid mentioning the latter as in previous years ( Hear  Hear ).

OUR National Debt  now stands at £ 1.7 trillion pounds, thanks to our forward thinking policies – rising at £ 5.317 pounds per second, and hence I know this House will join me in thanking the BBC’s National Propaganda Service for its timely attention to the

Russo- British Salisbury Spy Scandal.   Bounders.  Hear, Hear!

It has also been a long standing Westminster tradition to obfuscate on the deficit, which Mr Osborne previously assured us he would reduce, but it was £ 52 billion pounds last year  ( Cheering

so we are not yet where we need to be,  but there is still time if we all pull together .         HYAR  –  Hyar – – Hyar.        

BENEFITS –  YES MY FRIENDS   benefit payments  to deserving claimants remain at record levels  Hear  Hear , exceeded only by those to non- eligible recipients,  and I will not discriminate against the latter,  by reminding the House that the bill for claimants in London alone, exceeds the Defence Budget  ( Well done  –  Rhubarb  ) 

ALSO – OUR ever tightening of funding for essential services, continues to undermine Tory local government, without significant protest, so thank God the Winter Olympics was able to divert public attention from this,  for us ,        Hear – Hear – Quite right- Yaaa  !

I CAN ANNOUNCE :  that the numbers of my Rt. Hon. Members fraudulently claiming expenses has not grown in line with inflation –   but we should not be complacent ! ,  and this does not mean that great efforts are not being made to remedy this !   :   Hyar  Hyar.   

THIS YEAR we can expect to see a large increase in tax revenue from the house building sector, and an acceleration of Green Belt destruction, as we step up our drive to house those displaced from our main conurbations by newcomers from : Nigeria Somalia Romania Bulgaria Poland and Albania, who can fill the high tech job vacancies, so essential to our economic progress.     : QUITE RIGHT Hear Hear  

WE REMAIN committed to the run down of our armed services, — Hear Hear Hear –  Order   in order to pursue the building of some bloody high speed rattler to the bloody God forsaken North and bloody : soon to be independent Scotland – wherever that is – at the bloody EU’s behest, which duplicates the East and West Coast Main lines, currently operated at a loss by its franchise holders, despite biblical levels of  subsidy           Rhubarb     Hear  Hear !

THE good news  grrrrr, is that our economy has been much healthier since the bloody electorate poked us Remainers in the bloody eye in 2016 ;   Boo oo oo    and saddled us Tories, with the job of pretending we like the idea, and we are going to fart about even more in the months ahead just to show em  who runs this bloody country ! !    Yeeaaah – tell em Phil-bastards ! – –  I COMMEND IT TO THE HOUSE ! !    




      Caustic Comments  ( 8 – 3 – 18 )

A nation that has produced : Macaroni, Michelangelo, Mozzarella and the Mafia, can’t be all bad, can it ? ,

So last Sunday that nation’s passionate electorate drove a big brexit nail into the European Union’s coffin, endorsing in the process our referendum decision of 2016.

Could Italy now be close behind us,  as we scamper down the mooring ropes of the : sinking, stinking Brussels ship ?

Their 5 Star party ,  founded by eurosceptic comedian Beppe Grillo,  won a 32 % share of the vote, and Matteo Salvini leader of the equally eurosceptic Lega Nord, won another 17 % .

Salvini was quick to make it clear, that he and his party would like to see the lira restored, and branded the euro a German currency primarily designed to profit Germany  —  unusual to hear that from an EU member state politician.

Could it be that our UKIP  propelled LEAVE vote, has fired a shell that has penetrated deep into the undemocratic Brussels ship,  or at least fired the torpedo, that will disable it, like the Fleet Air Arm’s Swordfishes  did to Bismarck in 1941.

Predictably, our EU funded BBC, and a section of our press, have been luke warm in reporting Europe’s  growing euroscepticism,  but digital news outlets have not,  and it is clear that Juncker and Merkel have cause to be worried.

Writing in Wednesday’s Telegraph Business Section, economist  Ambrose Evans Pritchard draws attention to Salvini’s warning to Brussels, that they will not rubber stamp any attempt to punish Britain for Brexiting,

Salvini added  :  We understand why Britain wants to escape –  and revenge makes no sense,  

Another running sore that has not been reported here, is that Italians still deeply resent the strict austerity imposed on them in 2011 that enabled Germany and France to acquire bail out funds, which were then used to rescue German and French banks, at the expense of Italian citizens and taxpayers .

The article now ranks Italy as the most eurosceptic European nation, even more than we are,   and Evans Pritchard’s opinion is, that the Euro  Project is dead.  we shall see  ! !






Another Caustic comment.  ( 1 – 3 – 18 )

                     Brexit will be like this !

Another act in the orchestrated and EU sponsored : REMAIN drama, took place today,  close on the heels of John Major’s limping contribution yesterday.

Tony Bliar has today,  generously availed us of his exclusive and unchallengeable knowledge of the subject and informed  Theresa May that “ Brexit just isn’t going to happen ! .

He was urging Brussels to help in stopping Brexit,  just as Donald Tusk arrived here to tell us :  just what we can and can’t do, and what we can and can’t have.

Well, Tusk, Major and Blair together : don’t amount to a hill of beans  ( Casablanca ) and Theresa should have told them so in no uncertain way,  and in Tusk’s case,  grabbed him by the scuff of the pants and slung him out, after handing him the bill for Britain and the USA freeing Poland from his mates : the Germans in 1945 .

She now realises that she should have stopped the money immediately on coming to office in July 2016,   and then the whole process would have been entirely different.

She will know this now  but it’s still not too late for her and her Chief Negotiator David Davis to say STOP,  all negotiations to this point under Article 59 are OFF,  the money stops at midnight, and we consider the UK as having left the EU .

Those are OUR terms –  the British Government is now the sole sovereign governing body in these islands under our Constitutional Monarch Elizabeth II.

You, the EU,  must deal with this situation as you feel best, we will assist you in any way that our electorate allows and directs !

OUR QUEST TO FREE OURSELVES from the pernicious European Union, is our World War Three, and if we lose it, the result will be far worse than if we had lost World War Two.



Brief Caustic Comment.      28-2-18

                         Forgetful Johnny

Rather galling to watch John Major sanctimoniously declaring his concern that Remainers should be given every opportunity to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by those bounders who want to leave the EU.

He conveniently forgot to mention of course, that we only became EU members after he signed the Maastricht Treaty, which converted our membership of the Common Market, into European Union membership,  without consulting the electorate.

He also forgot  to remind us, that he was engaged in an affair with ’ fellow ‘  MP Edwina Currie at the time,  well one does – doesn’t one ?



Caustic Comment 27/2/18

Conservatives continue conserving Conservatism !

On June 23rd 2016,  at the UKIP initiated Referendum, a UKIP  inspired British electorate, threw the Tory government a try scoring pass, in the form of a mandate to free us from the clutches of an undemocratic and ruinously profligate, political conglomerate called the European Union – – –   and they promptly dropped the ball.

Since then, under Dismal David Cameron and latterly under Theresa the Appeaser May, their ball handling has deteriorated even further and is reminiscent of the political infighting that a Tory government indulged in after declaring war in September 1939.

Then,  Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was coerced into mistakenly entertaining the  notion that all-out war could be avoided by striking a deal with Germany and with Mussolini, acting as mediator.

Todaythe unedifying spectacle of a befuddled David Davis sleepwalking through the Article 50 minefield he should never have entered, reprises the self interested wrangling that Lord Halifax and his supporters indulged in, before Hitler made their minds up for them, by invading France in May 1940.

Churchill replaced Neville Chamberlain, by now a very sick man and the defence of Britain and its Empire had passed into the safer hands of a Prime Minister with guts and possessed of a ruthless streak.

By July he had recognised the threat that the Vichy French Navy represented if it’s command were to pass to Germany and he acted, by ordering the Royal Navy to sink the French Fleet at its anchor in the Algerian port of Oran – they did – and that danger was eliminated.

There is no parallel decisive action today on Brexit and no Churchill waiting in the wings to take the steps needed and thus the outcome promises to be a mere shadow of the total separation that 17.4 million British patriots voted for at the Referendum

In July 2016 Cameron’s resignation and Theresa May’s inauguration gave the party another clear try scoring opportunity and one that a Churchill wouldn’t have mishandled, but the Tory jinx struck again and the ball ran loose to be collected cleanly by the Brussels mafia .

The question has to be asked :


….other than an unswerving resolve to ignore and disappoint the electorate and an ability to prevaricate and let prime opportunities go begging.