Important Information For UKIP Members.

Message From Kirstan Herriot Party Chairman.

1. Local elections

This is our Number 1 priority at the minute. In order to get a televised Party Political Broadcast, we need to field around 3000 candidates. We’re currently about 2000 short. If you have elections in wards within your branch, please focus on getting a candidate in place for as many of these wards as possible. Paper candidates are fine, but in order to get our vote share percentage up – we must have names on ballot papers.

Please encourage all your branch members to complete the vetting form at Current turnaround is about 2 weeks but we have recently appointed a new vetting officer who will be catching up with the backlog very quickly. Once your branch has selected candidates, it’s onto the admin of getting nominations and the certificate of authority from a regional DNO. Details for DNOs can be found at

2. Candidate Training

We have organised two candidate training days for Sunday 3rd February and Sunday 17th February. It is available for all branch officers for £10 per person. It hopes to be a day of sharing ideas and tips for campaigning, with some expert guidance from Cllr Alan Graves. I’m very much looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Please CLICK HERE to book.

3. Parliamentary Candidates

We are still recruiting for Parliamentary Elections. Again, to raise our overall vote share percentage, we need to be in a position to field as many candidates as possible. I’m hoping to be sending details about upcoming assessment days very soon!

4. Election Literature

Please CLICK HERE or go to to see what leaflets are available. There is also a link to the UKIP portal for customising templates.

Also on this page is a very basic campaign toolkit which may be of use for any branch officers who this may be new to. I wrote this document myself and I’m certainly no graphic design expert so I do plan on getting this document in a better state with improvements and additions but I hope it can provide you with a little guidance on a couple of things if needed.

5. Chairman – New members in your branch?

Great! Please get in touch with Ruth Purdie if you need an updated membership list and get in touch with those new members! We are certainly going to need more activists and feet on the ground for local and any other upcoming elections this year so lets show them what UKIP is all about! Our membership is approaching 27,000 which is almost 10,000 new members over the last 18 months! Membership subscriptions are our biggest source of income so this is essential to helping us get things moving.

6. Independence Magazine

I’ve been working on getting the next edition of the UKIP magazine ready and it is due to go out at the end of this month. It will contain some really inciteful articles so definitely worth a read! If you would like to submit anything from your branch for future editions of the magazine, please feel free to send me your stories and pictures to

7. Internal elections

As promised last year, Gerard will be standing down as Leader on 3rd May, at which point we will be preparing for a leadership election. In addition, we will be holding NEC elections so watch this space for further details and information.

8. NEC meeting minutes

These are available to view by clicking here


Please continue to liaise with your Regional Officers and keep them updated with what’s happening in your branch.

As many of you will be aware, Action Days are a great way to engage the community and let people know we are here and fighting. CLICK HERE to visit the UKIP shop for anything which may help with campaigning and canvassing acitivities.

With your help, I’m confident we can make this year a really great one for UKIP. Our position in the polls is steadily rising, we just need to use every bit of momentum to our best possible advantage.

Many thanks for all your continued efforts!

Kind regards,

Kirstan Herriot

Party Chairman



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UKIP Manifesto Sept 2018


Theresa May’s Brexit. 



Received From UKIP’s Head Office. 

Please note. The reference, A new policy schedule is being finalised and this will be accessible on the website, refers to the UKIP political party website itself.

As many of you are aware, the new Data Protection law (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25th May 2018.

Anyone who has previously been a member or expressed interest in UKIP activities, we hold their details on file.

In line with the new GDPR legislation we will need to seek their consent to continue to retain their details and be able to contact them regarding activities such as Conferences and Events.

A new policy schedule is being finalised and this will be accessible on the website.  An email will shortly be sent to all contacts and a Consent Preference Module linked to our database will enable us to capture responses.  The information we receive will reflect on how we may communicate with our Members and Ex-members in future and the format in which membership lists are produced.

We will be unable to contact anyone on our database unless there is a lawful basis to do so.  This means no communication by any means unless the person has consented to receive information.  The penalties for failing to comply is considerable.

We will continue to contact our Members and Ex-members regarding their membership renewal, this being an administrative function.

There will obviously be an impact on UKIP administration however the purpose of this email is to assure you that we are putting procedures in place to comply with the new legislation and will be in touch again before the deadline.

Kind regards

Administration Team