Theresa May’s Brexit. 



Received From UKIP’s Head Office. 

Please note. The reference, A new policy schedule is being finalised and this will be accessible on the website, refers to the UKIP political party website itself.


As many of you are aware, the new Data Protection law (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation) comes into force on 25th May 2018.

Anyone who has previously been a member or expressed interest in UKIP activities, we hold their details on file.

In line with the new GDPR legislation we will need to seek their consent to continue to retain their details and be able to contact them regarding activities such as Conferences and Events.

A new policy schedule is being finalised and this will be accessible on the website.  An email will shortly be sent to all contacts and a Consent Preference Module linked to our database will enable us to capture responses.  The information we receive will reflect on how we may communicate with our Members and Ex-members in future and the format in which membership lists are produced.

We will be unable to contact anyone on our database unless there is a lawful basis to do so.  This means no communication by any means unless the person has consented to receive information.  The penalties for failing to comply is considerable.

We will continue to contact our Members and Ex-members regarding their membership renewal, this being an administrative function.

There will obviously be an impact on UKIP administration however the purpose of this email is to assure you that we are putting procedures in place to comply with the new legislation and will be in touch again before the deadline.

Kind regards

Administration Team