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Adrian Smart Bromsgrove Branch Chairman.


Thank you for visiting our branch website. UKIP has a new leader and we are all looking forward to a new and exciting future with Henry Bolton at the forefront of our party. Why not join us and help our party ensure the British electorates desire to leave the European Union comes to fruition. We look forward to your returning on a regular basis. Thank you, Site Admin.

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Agenda’s And Minutes Are Posted On The Secure Page Which Requires The  Password.


Nigel’s abilities brought us here, if democracy eventually prevails  it will be because UKIP fought for it.

                       Peter.    Secretary ( Bromsgrove.


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After the latest news that negotiations have been successful and the EU have agreed to move onto the next stage of talks we are still not clear as to how much Theresa May has agreed to pay the EU.

Eventually the amount will be released to the public maybe.

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