A Series Of Candidates Husting Videos Filmed By A Member Of UKIP Crawley Branch At Cyprus Hall Burgess Hill.


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On Friday, the NEC and I made a decision on who was eligible to stand in our upcoming Leadership contest.

Alongside that, we also discussed the voting system that we would use. As a party which is actively campaigning against First Past the Post for external elections, we were keen to see whether another option might be preferable, in order to give the new Leader as strong a mandate as possible.

However, such a move would have required the agreement of all of the candidates standing, in order to preclude any legal challenge. It has been indicated to us that such agreement will not be obtainable.

As a result, the upcoming Leadership ballot will be based on the First Past the Post system, simply allowing members to select their preferred candidate.

Piers Wauchope

Returning Officer



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As promised the list of approved candidates published today.

Next dates are for the regional hustings.

The UKIP NEC met today to consider the eligibility of each of those UKIP members who applied to become candidates in the Leadership Election to go forward to the ballot

I can confirm that the NEC have voted by a majority that the following candidates will be included on the ballot:

David Allen
Henry Bolton
David Coburn
Jane Collins
David Kurten
Marion Mason
Aidan Powlesland
John Rees-Evans
Ben Walker
Anne Marie Waters
Peter Whittle

Piers Wauchope

Returning Officer


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Creating a strong, robust & viable structure

Most of our members are understandably (and justifiably) enjoying some sort of summer break, particularly away from politics.

The last few years seem like a blur of elections, one ballot after another, each offering us a part to play and in each, our membership rose to meet the challenge, showing the same drive and tenacity that political commentators have come to expect from UKIP.

Counter-intuitively, over the last two months, those of us in the centre have been enjoying an unexpected period of stability. We have an excellent Interim Leader in Steve Crowther, who has an unrivalled understanding of our party and who, most importantly, is determined to do what is necessary to help UKIP evolve into what it needs to be for the future.

Working with him has been our NEC, your elected volunteers who come together once a month to feed your voices into the central management of the party, to make sure that our Grassroots remain the beating heart of our organisation. Often criticised (usually from non-members operating online under pseudonyms), they give up their time and money to help make our party work.

For my part, I marked my one year anniversary as Chairman last week – yes, it came as a surprise to me too. Whilst I’ve been hearing from many of you, telling me of your summer adventures, the team and I have been working quietly in the background to try and build a structure and financial platform through which the next Leader can flourish.

Financial stability will no doubt be key to our future success. Working with our excellent Treasurer, John Bickley, our mind-set over the last year has been focused on raising more money than we spend – it sounds simple, but it’s a culture shift that has led to our still operating today, and has secured us the prospect of a future.

As a consequence of this change, we now operate with far fewer salaried staff,  down to a fifth of what they were two years ago.  Those who remain have all voluntarily sacrificed a significant percentage of their wage to help our party operate in accordance with its new philosophy. I know of no other organisation that would have that level of commitment and dedication to its future from the people it employs, particularly at a time when they’re being given more work to do, not less.

National Restructure

One of the things I’m particularly excited about is the excellent work Noel Matthews has been doing on the party restructure. Many of you will have noticed that your Regional Organiser may have given up the role recently and that the party has taken no steps to replace them. The simple reason is that we want to change the way in which these roles are appointed and make the process more transparent, open and crucially more available to the membership.

I want to thank all of our outgoing Regional Organisers for the amazing contribution that they have made. We will shortly launch a recruitment process which will invite any member to apply for the role of either Regional Controller, Regional Communications Manager or County Organiser.

Role descriptions will be available for download on the MyUKIP website, where you will also have the opportunity to apply online. Our aim is to have the majority of the positions appointed by the time the party conference comes around.

To be absolutely clear I want to assure everybody that these roles are not replacing the elected officials of your Regional and County Committees. Those officials will remain in place as before. These are the roles whose primary focus is to represent the party to the members, while your elected structure is , of course, the reverse.

Watch out for an email very soon from National Party Agent, Noel Matthews, who is overseeing and deploying the new structure, which will tell you more and guide those who are interested through the application and appointment process.

New National Nominating Officer

In July, the NEC appointed Peter Staveley as our new National Nominating Officer (NNO), after the departure of Chris Adams. Peter will be writing out to members in the coming week to outline some of the excellent ideas he has to move our nominating system forward. Peter is one of the unsung heroes of UKIP and has worked for several years on helping facilitate our nominating system; now with his hands on that element of the party, we’re all excited to see how he can make it work better.

New General Secretary

Finally, Jonathan Arnott has now stepped down as General Secretary and I’m delighted that (my almost namesake) Paul Oakley has agreed to take on the role. Paul is an incredibly impressive, diligent and committed NEC member, with a legal background that makes him the perfect choice for the role. He stood for the NEC on a platform of transparency and openness and he is already working hard alongside colleagues to deliver that to our members.

Once appointed, Paul said “I am honoured to take over this role and grateful for all the work previously done by Jonathan Arnott MEP as General Secretary. At this time it is important that we stand solidly behind the new leader who will be elected next month; it is our duty as a party to ensure that Brexit is not betrayed by the many bitter people and groups that are ranged against us. With this in mind, together with the fact that I’m looking forward to a quiet life regarding disciplinary matters, the message goes out: behave yourselves!”

Leadership Election

Finally, Kirstan Herriot is working closely with Piers Wauchope to organise the logistics of our Leadership Election. It is our intention to publish a verified list of candidates tomorrow, with ballot papers being sent out at the start of September alongside an Independence Magazine (that will be well worth a read). We will be holding one central hustings, for all candidates on September 4th, and I’ll be writing in the coming week to talk about how you can participate.

A huge amount of blood, sweat and tears went into winning our referendum last year. The same sacrifice has been made by so many over this last year to keep UKIP alive and on the field. We move into a new future from the end of September and for my part, as for my team, everything is focused on ensuring that whomever the new Leader might be, they have a strong, robust and financially sound party structure to take them on their journey.

Kind regards.

Paul Oakden
Party Chairman


Leadership Election 2017

Eligibility to vote for the UKIP leadership

I have been asked to clarify who may vote in the leadership election. The short answer is only those members in good standing who were members on June 23, 2017.

The relevant wording of Article 7.8 of the party’s constitution is:

7.8 Any contested election for the leadership shall be decided by a simple majority of the votes cast. Those eligible to vote shall be members “in good standing” of the Party on the date when the election is called, subject always to the restrictions on voting set out in the final paragraph of Article 4.1.2 above.

Article 4.1.2 defines the term “good standing” and restricts the voting rights of members of less than 28 days standing (which would not apply in this election as the period between the election being called and the date of poll are in excess of 28 days).

The leadership election was called on June 23, the earliest date set by the NEC for the receipt of nomination papers.

It is worth noting that the constitution may only be altered by a vote of all the membership. It cannot be changed by the NEC alone. The effect is that the NEC may make rules concerning elections only so long as they are compatible with the constitution.

With best wishes,

Piers Wauchope

Returning Officer


U.K.I.P.  Bromsgrove  news.

The branch committee : Adrian – Marie and I, plus members

Phil Denyer and Mick Clifford, attended the BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester hustings at the Bell in Astwood Bank yesterday evening, in support of the Redditch candidate :  Paul Swansborough.

The candidates put before us from the so called : three main parties : LIB LAB CON, were rather uninspiring, and answered the questions put to them, by simply parroting at local level the same pointless drivel that their parties are purveying at national level.

Predictably, condolences were expressed for victims and families of recent terror attacks, though no convincing solutions to this escalating danger, plenty of false or invented claims about achievements in office, but nothing to indicate that things would change for the  better when the new parliament is called.

All were promising a better everything,  all were avoiding admitting that that is precisely what they had promised at every previous election, and that none of it has come to pass.

It was left to the other three candidates to offer a note of realism, and to offer any real prospect of a positive outcome on the burning question for the constituency : the survival of the Alexandra Hospital. Neil Stote, now chair of the National Health Action Party, was by far the most plausible on the issue of saving services at the Alex, and the best received, and he will take a significant share of the vote.

The Green Party candidate acquitted himself well, and included the scrapping of HS-2 in his portfolio, as a way of finding money for

more important items, including the under funded NHS and police.

Paul Swansborough for UKIP, presented his case in a calm measured manner and the party’s main manifesto items were met with quiet approval, considering that the audience consisted largely of : media conditioned Labour and Tory supporters,  anxious to continue : the failed – destructive, two party charade that has prevailed for too long at Westminster.

And so,  onto Thursday,  for what I call the phoney election.

Peter McHugh   Branch Secretary (6-6-17)




I would REMAIN because BECAUSE  : :

I prefer my country to be run by : unelected, non-British

career politicians, sitting in Brussels, on substantial salaries, generous expenses. and unaffordable pensions.

I enjoy being heavily taxed in order that Britain can send my money to the EU in the form of our national contribution,  even though that organisation that has not managed a verifiable audit of its finances for twenty two years, and does not use an internationally recognised system of accountancy.

I haven’t read Yanis Varoufakis’s book explaining German domination of the EU, and exploitation of the euro.

I should have realised that the BBC and press is heavily EU funded to publicise and promote the EU in the UK.

I am happy for Britain’s contributions to subsidise 25 European nations, who would not exist if we and our Commonwealth allies had not saved them from Nazi Germany in W.W.2.  at no charge ! !

I like Britain being one of just three net contributors to the EU budget, and for twenty five other states to be net takers.

I prefer to accept Government’s stated figure for the annual cost to the British taxpayer of EU membership of £12 billion, when a body that government consults on monetary matters :

( The Tax Payers Alliance ) has assessed the true total annual cost to be in excess of £120 billion, probably well in excess .

I was unaware that the EU was conceived by secretive, deceitful individuals ( Monnet – Schumann et al ) intent on establishing an organisation that would subjugate Europe under German rule,  disguised as democratic and philanthropic, but that was from the outset, a German initiated conspiracy to conquer Europe politically, having failed to do so by military means.

I choose to forget that the entire unelected EU Commission under

Jacques Delour  was forced to resign in 1999 for corruption and ineptness.  including Britain’s Commissioners : Leon Brittan and Neil


By accepting the BBC’s propaganda I was unaware of the high level conspiracy within the Tory party in the early 1970s seeking to take us into the Common Market, knowing it was simply a ploy to integrate our nation into a political federation called the EU, by stealth and deceit, via John Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty  :

I prefer Britain – the land that my great grandchildren will inherit, to be administered under laws made by unelected EU officials in Brussels. acting under orders from Berlin.

If UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage, is consistently disrespectful to the EU parliament and its senior officials, surely this is justified by their

cynical contempt for the British electorate,  including  : expecting them to accept rule by an unelected Commission.

What Martin Luther did to the Catholic church, Nigel Farage has done to the EU.

Promoted and published by P . McHugh on behalf of UKIP Bromsgrove – printed commercially.


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Theresa May and her Conservative Party will let us down on Brexit.

When you consider her record as Home Secretary and the fact that she, like with so many of her Tory colleagues, were Remainers last year, it isn’t a case of if, it’s a case of when, and how.

A strong UKIP really is the only way we guarantee the Brexit Britain needs.

Without our party on the field, she will have nobody to hold her to account in delivering the Brexit we have spent over two decades campaigning to get. Every other political party believes Britain should stay in the EU.

Theresa May wants to destroy UKIP. Together, we can stop that from happening.


Help keep UKIP strong by supporting our election campaign – there are seats we could win on the 8th of June but only with your help.

This is the first time in this snap election that we’ve asked you to consider donating to our fighting fund. We know how important it is to spend every penny of your money wisely and appropriately. We promise to do just that.

For Britain to have the brightest future, it needs a strong UKIP, which is why we need your support now more than ever.

Thank you.

Paul Oakden
Party Chairman


Putting Great back into Britain

Bill Etheridge MEP has launched his EFDD booklet with the support of Nigel Farage MEP. It focuses on where the UK must go post-Brexit. It recognises that freedom does not belong to the state. It is not a commodity to be packaged and provided as the state sees fit.

Bill Etheridge MEP said “I would like to thank my EFDD colleagues, Tony Brown, Cllr Paul Brothwood and Martin Day, who share my political values and were instrumental in shaping this book. It was a pleasure to welcome Nigel and a number of prominent libertarians at the launch in Westminster last week. ”

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Bill Etheridge MEP Booklet 2017


Message From Paul Nuttall.

Thank you for being part of this election adventure.

I am so proud of all of you who have put your time effort and, yes, money where your heart is and are standing for UKIP in this snap general election.

As I go around the country supporting you and your teams I cannot tell you how it makes me feel to see your unbowed commitment to our party.

I want to make it clear that UKIP is, always has been and always will be different from the careerist political establishment. We are the ordinary men and women of this country. We got into politics to achieve something, as we have done is the most seismic of ways. That mission isn’t over and it won’t be until this country is free, independent and happy with its place in the world. Until then, we in UKIP will do all we can to ensure that we are, as I have said, the “Guard Dogs of Brexit”.

If that means standing aside when we see honourable men and women of whatever stripe, with a greater potential of winning their seats in Parliament to defend this beautiful country of ours, then so be it. If it means long hours talking to people, knocking on doors and getting our message out then that is where you will find us.
I will strain every sinew to support our party and its election campaign over the next few weeks. Your continued loyalty and hard work deserves no less.

We go into this election filled with resolution and good heart. Don’t forget to have fun, as we are doing everything we can for our country.

Thank you all and see you on the trail.

Paul Nuttall
Leader, UKIP


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Broadcast By Paul Nuttall.

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Fellow branch members :

A General Election has been called, and we have been left with very little time in which to prepare.

This branch has fought the Bromsgrove constituency at the last four general elections, and intends to do so on June 8th   though at this time we have no potential candidate in place.

Our party leadership have directed us to hold ‘hustings’  on

Wednesday 26th April, for this purpose, and we have made arrangements for this to take place.

Notices have been published inviting qualified candidates to apply, and Head and Regional Offices may wish to direct others who are unlikely to secure nomination in their constituency of choice.

U.K.I.P. Bromsgrove

          Hustings Cancelled.

Fellow Branch Members :

There being no accredited applicants for

the candidacy to the Bromsgrove Parliamentary constituency, the hustings scheduled for this evening ( 26th ) will not take place.

                                  The Secretary.

It is unfortunate, that due to the short space of time available to all parties before June 8th, it has not been possible to secure UKIP candidates for many seats across the UK.

We are living through a time of great change in British politics, and the eventual outcome cannot be predicted with any certainty.

We in UKIP are now an indelible part of British political and social history, and we can be proud of that, we acted for the survival of our nation and the future of our children and grand children

We must look forward to a becoming by the end of 2017, a revised party, better equipped to that ensure Britain’s severance from the E.U. is speedy, inexpensive, and in

    accordance with the will of the people, as

              expressed in the Referendum

                which UKIP brought about.

For UKIP, this is not an end, but a new beginning,


U.K.I.P. Bromsgrove. Thursday’

   News Update.

We did not manage to secure a PPC for the General Election at yesterdays husting,   however Party HQ, may have candidates who did not gain places in their preferred constituency who are prepared to stand elsewhere.

Very good letter in today’s Telegraph by Prof. Alan Sked, co-founder of UKIP,  which states : Douglas Hurd arranged for the Tory Party to become a secret corporate member of Jean Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe – – – the Liberal and Labour parties followed suit- the British pubic of course was never informed.

Jean Monnet can be checked out on Wikipedia, but he was a French political economist, and very much the father of the European Project.

He once said : There will be no peace in Europe ( after 1945 ) if nations re-build themselves on a basis of national sovereignty.   Oh dear, perhaps we should have taken more notice.                                                                     Secretary.


A Message From Our Party Leader.

Screenshot 2017-04-23 at 14.14.50

UKIP and its members have always prided themselves on being the only political organisation that really does believe in putting country before party.

Despite having worked for 24 years against a tide of abuse and ridicule, our perseverance and love of country have helped us to achieve one of the greatest political changes in British history.

Now with this snap election, we face a choice.

Whilst there is no doubt that this election is a cynical move by Theresa May to increase her own power in Westminster, it is clear that the Remain forces are using this as an opportunity to overturn the will of the British people. We cannot allow that to happen.

For many years now, UKIP has been about far more than just the European Issue. In 2015 we collectively produced a first class manifesto of policies that would transform our country for its people. It was a manifesto that offered common sense ideas on every aspect of British life and was yet another demonstration of how we had moved far beyond being a single issue pressure group.

Yet everything we want to achieve and accomplish for Britain is dependent upon us leaving the European Union, as the only genuine party of Brexit it is incumbent upon all of us to play our part in making sure that happens.

For now, we have asked every constituency across the country to work with the party on getting candidates selected this week. Alongside that, we will be having internal discussions on where our standing might seriously risk the chances of returning a Brexit MP to Westminster. Thanks to your incredible efforts in 2015,  we are the challenger in so many seats across the country and that puts us in a strong position going into June 8th, but we know that in a small number of seats, our only impact might be to deliver a Remain MP. I do not want our party waking up on June 9th knowing that we’re responsible for a single remain vote making its way into the House of Commons.

This though is a decision we will make with you, not for you. We have already been contacted by a number of chairmen who have asked us to consider not standing a candidate in their area and we’ve been glad to hear from them. I am encouraging all of our branches to have similar discussions over the next few days, to decide for themselves whether fielding a UKIP candidate will benefit our immediate focus of getting our country back.

UKIP have always been a party of principle. Unlike the establishment, we will continue to work for what is in the best interests of our country, even if it is to the detriment of ourselves.

Have a great St George’s Day!

Kind regards

Paul Nuttall


West Midlands Metro Mayor Candidate.

Andy Street elected West Midlands Mayor.

Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 17.34.52

The former John Lewis boss Andy Street has won the West Midlands mayoral race for the Conservatives.
At the end of November, our new Leader Paul Nuttall made a commitment to the party’s members that change was on the way.After the seismic events of last June – and the silly season that followed – there is an understandable desire to see our party refreshed, restructured and reformed. Members are very aware that we need to present a powerful and coherent proposition to the electorate going forward; there is a real appetite for a more direct member contribution to policy-making; and we need to reconfigure our organisation around the country to reflect the new challenges we face.Paul started the year with a plan for when and how those reforms would unfold. The by-election in Stoke delayed these plans but they are now underway in earnest. In the next few weeks we will be sending out an Independence News to every member, giving an update on progress.Now I want to take you forward six months to the conclusion of the process, and the presentation of the results of all this work – our National Autumn Conference in September.On September 29-30 we will see a fresh, energised UKIP relaunch itself with a raft of key policies delivered by our spokesmen, a new mission, look-and-feel and sense of purpose. This conference really will be our chance to make clear our vision for Britain in a post-Brexit era, and I’m writing to invite you to be a part of it.Return to the Glorious English RivieraWe will come together in the English Riviera, at Torquay’s excellent Riviera International Conference Centre, site of several very successful UKIP Conferences in recent years. This really is a fantastic venue, with the purpose-built Conference Hall, Expo Hall and fringe meetings rooms all close together, excellent hotels close by and the attractions of Torquay – including some superb seafood restaurants – outside the door.Special Prices for Travel and AccommodationTorbay offer a great accommodation service to suit a range of budgets, plus an opportunity to benefit from discounted travel to and from Torquay. You can find more information on these by visiting or calling 01803 206 302.
Paul Oakden Party Chairman.
The Negotiations Begin.That’s Article 50 triggered! No room for failure in the historic task aheadUKIP Leader Paul Nuttall issued the following statement earlier:“Today the Government has finally acted on the historic decision of the people of this country to leave the European Union.“Finally, nine months after our vote the UK hasl formally informed the EU that we are leaving.“UKIP is delighted that this is eventually happening. 24 years ago this party was formed to make this a reality, so it would be churlish to complain. We have been ignored, dismissed insulted and abused, but through determination and with good humour we fought on and we have succeeded.“The nine-month delay has, of course cost the taxpayer additional billions, and has allowed those who would block the democratic will of the people to do all they can to spread discord, but we are here now.“While negotiations continue we will continue to be the ‘guard dogs of Brexit’, holding the Government’s feet to the fire at home and our MEPs will be working to ensure our friends on the continent do not pull any fast ones.“We will provide the political threat to ensure no backsliding takes place and ensure that Brexit does indeed mean Exit.“With our six key tests we have set out a reasonable and clear position by which the Government’s negotiations can be held to account.“But today, for now, we wish the Government and the Prime Minister well.“If they fail in this historic task, 17 million people are ready to act.”Election materials now available onlineGet your personalised leaflets for the County Council elections quickly and easily online, at our dedicated UKIP Local Print portal http://www.ukiplocalprint.comRun by Printbridge, the portal features a new Candidate Leaflet/Mini-Poster which you can personalise with your name, two photographs, personal statement and key policy bullet points.Plus, you can create and order a simple A5 Candidate Leaflet, or a range of A5 Candidate/Issue Leaflets for one, two or three candidates. There is also a Public Meeting flyer, and a 16-page Local Manifesto which you can personalise with your name, photo and contact details and contains two A3-size window posters.  Go to to create your high quality campaign materials today (if using a Mac, please use a browser other than Safari for best results).
Kind regards Paul Oakden.
Leadership to work with John Rees-Evans on building our direct democracy credentials Over the course of the last week you will have received a letter from our Leader Paul Nuttall, outlining his thoughts on the future direction of our party. Part of that letter focused on Paul’s intention to include direct democracy in the raft of reforms he is looking to install.Many of you will remember the great ideas put forward by John Rees-Evans during the last Leadership election. John is widely regarded as an authority on models for direct democracy and like Paul, is a firm believer that we must find better ways to engage with our membership.This morning Paul and I met with John to discuss his proposals. I’m delighted to confirm that John will be working with us to deliver a solid, reliable and considered platform through which you can voice your thoughts moving forward.This will accompany a set of wide-ranging reforms of the party, its structure and its constitution; the widest-ranging reforms UKIP has ever seen.It will mean that you, the members, will be able to engage directly with the party on policy, including an opportunity for you to propose your own. In the main, this will be done online. However, those without access to the internet will not be left out.Direct democracy will allow us to build on our success of June 23rd. There we saw what happened when power was handed from the elites and so-called representatives, over to the people; when we were asked a direct question and voted in the knowledge that our vote would really make a difference. We have always been the party that understands the disconnect between the political class and the people as a whole – something the referendum debate demonstrated all too clearly.It has long been the position of the party to support this at a local level and now you will see us expand that policy in line with our constitutional commitment to democracy. Gone are the days when people behind closed doors make decisions which affect us all. Let us build on last year – a referendum and result that would not have been possible without UKIP – and campaign harder than ever before to hand the power back to the people.
Kind regards Paul Oakden
Party Chairman.
Statement From Paul NuttallDouglas Carswell has announced today that he is resigning from UKIP, to sit as an independent MP. He has said that he is doing this “cheerfully and amicably”.This is not a surprise. I was elected on a pledge to forge unity in the party, and have had many discussions with key players to try and make that happen, but it had become increasingly clear to me that some things were simply beyond reach.Douglas was genuinely committed to Brexit, but was never a comfortable Ukipper. On Monday, he had been due to meet with the National Executive Committee to answer various questions relating to longstanding issues, including published allegations that he had joined us in order to try to minimise Nigel Farage’s involvement in the Referendum.Douglas’s defection to UKIP in 2014, along with Mark Reckless, and the two by-elections we fought successfully for them, proved that UKIP was capable of getting members elected to Parliament – albeit, it was still a tough task (as I know only too well, personally).Our party has not benefited financially or organisationally from having Douglas in Westminster. With this in mind, his departure will make no difference to my ability or focus on delivering the reforms I promised when elected as Leader.As we redefine our mission and take up the next phase of our campaign to rebuild a confident, independent nation, Douglas would have been increasingly out of kilter with our members’ aspirations.We now have an opportunity to put behind us the most damaging internal conflict which has dogged us over the past year, and look forward with optimism and unity of purpose to the very real challenges of policing Brexit and further reforming the vigorous democracy of the UK.Kind regards,Paul NuttallLeaderUKIP
THIN BLUE LINE Tory MP Craig Mackinlay interviewed by police about his election expenses in 2015 fight to keep Nigel Farage out of Parliament.TORY MP Craig Mackinlay was interviewed for six hours under caution last Friday over his election expenses, The Sun can reveal.The Thanet South MP is being probed for overspending in the 2015 fight to keep Nigel Farage out of the Commons.And Kent Police are expected to meet with the CPS next Tuesday 21 March to discuss a possible prosecution — sparking fears of bitter by-election featuring the ex-Ukip boss.
   A MESSAGE SENT ON BEHALF OF OUR LONDON MEP To All UKIP London Members and other key people in UKIPDear All, KEEP CALM – KEEP UKIP! Now the dust has settled on the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election, I would like to send you a short message via our London Regional Chairman. Yes, we were all disappointed by the result, because we wanted Paul Nuttall to win. He stood a good chance and hundreds of UKIP activists and members turned out to help. While we did not win, remember that we can come a good second. The Labour Party, which has held the seat since 1950, won on 37% of the turnout, while Paul for UKIP got almost 25%. The Conservative and Lib-Dem parties would have been very happy with second place on 25% of the turnout. In fact the biggest winner in Stoke was the ‘Apathy Party’ which won 62% of the vote. There was a good reason for that, as explained by many voters on their doorsteps. After 67 years of being represented by Labour they felt “abandoned and forgotten”. Most people did not bother to vote, and so the minority – entrenched Labour tribal voters – won the day. Paul Nuttall was subjected to a relentless black propaganda campaign by the media. The political and media establishment want to drive UKIP out of business because they want to reverse the decision of the Referendum. The worst thing we can do now is to help them. Since Paul became Leader we have had a united Party – as demonstrated by the hundreds of kippers who turned out to help him. Let’s keep that spirit going. Let’s now get over the disappointment and move forward. We need to all – Keep Calm and Carry On. The big challenge facing London now is the London Local Elections in May 2018. We now needs to be selecting candidates, raising money and organising campaigns. We need to be visible and present from now on in order to win in 12 months time.Ask yourself how you can contribute to that. Gerard Gerard Batten Member of the European Parliament for London
Our Fight – Our Message – Our Cause Posted on March 2, 2017 by Stephen Place in debate
After a suitable period of reflection and having sufficiently licked our metaphorical wounds, we, the hardworking, loyal foot soldiers of the Party need to come out fighting. We cannot lay down and let political commentators get away with describing us as ‘toast’. We cannot let Labour crow about their victory in Stoke, with Corbyn calling our policies ‘The policies of hate and divisiveness’.We cannot do anything of course without a leader, so, Mr Nuttall – just exactly where the hell are you? A week on from the debacle of Stoke and we have not seen or heard you. I am a candidate in the coming  county council elections and guess what… yes I am getting ridiculed and laughed at on the doorstep…! Be a leader – give us a pathway and a renewed direction, or stand down. Let`s get the fallout done with and move on.The default preamble to talking about UKIP by many is that we are the ‘anti-immigration party’. This is part of our new challenge. We need to dispel resolutely and with a tinge of anger this nonsense. The message that we are not anti-immigration but for controlled and managed immigration has to be clear and forcibly reinforced at every given opportunity.Forget a piecemeal approach to dealing with the media! We never get a fair shake of the dice. We should be Trump-like in our suspicion and derision of the media, they are not our friends. Michael Crick from Channel 4 should simply be banned from any involvement with this party, he is a true UKIP-hater, we will never win with him and we will never receive a fair balanced reporting of anything we say or do. Read his tweets and you have a flavour of how much he detests anything and anyone to do with UKIP. Where do we go, apart from immigration? David Davis has said last week that we can expect uncontrolled immigration to carry on for years to come, we have to highlight this. We have to make it known to the public that the Tories just cannot be trusted on immigration. This has to be our main fight our message and our cause.We need more though. We have to get back to a manifesto which we can stand behind and be proud of.In this year, 2017, we have people lying on beds in corridors in underfunded poorly performing hospitals, and they are dying, literally dying. Yes we have an ageing population and this is the stock reason offered by politicians, but no one is mentioning that 600,000 new people came to live here last year, a new population the size of Newcastle with the right to free health care at the point of use. We have to have a grown-up conversation about the NHS and its future funding. PFI and the disgusting legacy of this Labour privatisation has to be highlighted, it runs into years of billions of debt.This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause!Gangs of Muslim men across this country are responsible for the industrial scale sexual abuse of young vulnerable girls, some as young as thirteen, thirteen!  FGM is a continuing growing horrendous problem, it is being practiced in London right under the nose of the self–righteous Lord Mayor who never talks of it, never addresses it … We must take him to task. There were over 5,000 cases last year alone and not one single prosecution. Polygamous marriages within certain faith groups are being allowed to flourish here in Great Britain, often the girls being married are under-age.This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.Over 6,000 Asylum seekers have failed their claim to remain in this country and we have not removed them. They remain here on benefits at the cost of us tax-payers. We are borrowing to then pay out £12 billion per annum to overseas aid, much of it is lost amongst consultants and agencies. There is no measurable outcome to this expenditure. We pay 0.5% of our GDP more than any other country to overseas aid, yet many elderly people in this country do not and cannot have a reasonable level of care in their dotage.This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.The vanity project that is HS2 is now estimated to cost up to £156 billion. This is a folly of unprecedented scale. It will disturb and displace thousands of people, cut a scar through some of our most precious countryside to get people to Birmingham from London 30 minutes quicker than you can now, freight is the clarion cry from the enthusiasts. This is a lie.This is our fight, this is our message. This is our cause.Sharia law, education, house building policing, crime and defence are mainstream topics and should not be ignored but we are and have to get back to being radical, outspoken and honest.
Westmonster and Leave.
EU’s Arron Banks has followed up his call to be made UKIP Chairman in order to sort the party out with an open letter. The letter sets out how Banks would bring in a CEO from industry to put in place:A total re brand of the image of the party.An initial target of attaining 100,000 members within 18 months.A professional team at the heart of the party including 15 trained professional agents to work on campaign strategy for our target seats in 2020.Creating a policy agenda that is radical with direct input from the public using online Direct Democracy.Engaging Nigel once again in UKIP – he is our biggest asset and needs to become energised with the party once again and work with you to deliver UKIP MPs.Banks makes clear that he believes UKIP is at a crossroads and that the party can replace Labour as the opposition.Let’s see how Paul Nuttall responds.The full letter reads:Dear Paul,The Labour Party is dying in its heartlands and remains out of touch with millions of its traditional voters.The last General Election saw Labour collapse in Scotland. Under its current leadership, it is facing the same fate in England and Wales.We failed to capitalise in the Stoke Central by-election because we adopted a ‘Red UKIP’ strategy which failed to appeal to the tactical Conservative voters we relied upon.The British people have awarded Theresa May a ‘Brexit dividend’ for the time-being, however it will soon become clear that the Tories talk a good talk but fail to deliver on their promises. As they water down Brexit and bottle the opportunity to tackle immigration head on, the appetite for a party such as UKIP will return in spades.In Copeland, UKIP voters lent their vote to the Tories in a bid to keep out Labour while Labour lost support to the Liberal Democrats.Stoke was poorly handled in terms of messaging but more importantly we lacked the radical policies that were necessary to draw support from both traditional Labour and Conservative voters.UKIP has been criticised for not making an electoral breakthrough but it has led the agenda in a way that no political party ever has. The pressure UKIP placed on establishment politicians throughout Nigel’s tenure led to David Cameron promising a referendum and Theresa May has effectively re-branded her Conservative Party in the UKIP mould.The Labour campaign in Stoke Central felt it necessary to adopt key UKIP messaging just to scrape over the line, while UKIP copied the old Labour message on the NHS – not very clever!In preparation for the referendum, Richard Tice and I created Leave.EU from scratch. Fifteen months later, it is the largest online political movement in the UK with close to a million social media followers, 100,000+ signed up members with fantastic engagement online. We recently started renewing memberships and the interest is still very high.We pioneered AI technology for the first time in a UK election using similar techniques that helped Donald Trump storm to victory.Our Facebook page is still growing at more than 2,000 a week with engagement levels at an all-time high. The best performing video of the campaign was viewed by 13 million people – 1/4 of the British electorate.Leave.EU raised over £11m, more than the official Leave campaign.Next month, we will be issuing a radical policy agenda that our team has put together for consultation where we will be asking the public and our members to contribute ideas. The best of these will be open to an online Direct Democracy system that will allow everyone to vote on the best policies.The Leave.EU CEO visited the Five Star Movement in Italy last summer to gain a greater understanding of the technology behind the movement and we have been busy replicating their website and the Direct Democracy element of their campaign as well as exploring AI technology in greater detail.The movement will be open for anyone to join – I urge you to sign up!Turning to UKIP, I wouldn’t want to list the deficiencies in the party organisation as it would take too long.As you are aware, I have offered to take over as Chairman of UKIP in order to transform it into an efficient, professional and ultimately electable party.My first move would be to bring in a CEO from industry who would oversee the following:A total rebrand of the image of the party.An initial target of attaining 100,000 members within 18 months.A professional team at the heart of the party including 15 trained professional agents to work on campaign strategy for our target seats in 2020.Creating a policy agenda that is radical with direct input from the public using online Direct Democracy.Engaging Nigel once again in UKIP – he is our biggest asset and needs to become energised with the party once again and work with you to deliver UKIP MPs.The party is at a crossroads. We have to be radical to become relevant once again. UKIP can replace Labour as the party of opposition.Yours sincerely, Arron BanksLeave.EU Chairman
Paul’s Reply

Many of you will have seen the contents of a letter written to me by Arron Banks in February so I feel it is right to share with you my reply to him that was sent earlier this morning. You can read the full letter here:

Dear Arron

I write in reply to your letter to me of 26th February, which has been made public.

As you will know, at the end of November I secured the largest mandate ever given to a Leader of UKIP. This mandate was based on my call for unity within the party, as well as my proposals for reform.

I entirely agree that our party needs to look closely at our brand and how we operate, how we interface with our membership and how we communicate with voters. These are all things I promised to pursue if elected as Leader and I remain committed to those aims.

During the last week I have consulted with several significant supporters and donors who, in addition to our grassroots members, have helped to sustain UKIP’s financial position in recent years. I am pleased to say that they have pledged to continue to support the party going forward as we work to make the changes that are needed.

On Friday, I met with the NEC to discuss the contents of your letter. The NEC resolved to keep open their invitation to you to meet them on 27th March in London to discuss the ideas outlined in your letter. Any and all contributions to our work are welcome. However, I should make clear that, whilst I am open to working with you on improving and enhancing our party, the Party Chairmanship is not on offer.

In addition, whilst the NEC are keen to discuss and examine your ideas, they are concerned about continuing negative and damaging publicity flowing from this matter. Mindful of their primary responsibility to safeguard the reputation of UKIP, they have asked me to tell you that should you choose to further criticise UKIP, its leadership or the elected representatives in either the media or on social media, they will withdraw their invitation.

Finally, I’m also aware that you recently applied to re-join UKIP. The NEC have asked me to make clear that this application will not be processed until you have met with the committee on the 27th.

You have been a great supporter of the Party over the past two and a half years, and a major force in helping to achieve the Leave vote. For this we continue to be grateful and remain hopeful that you will look to work constructively with us as we move towards building UKIP into a real force for change in British politics.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Nuttall MEP
Party Leader




Dear Members

I am sure you will all be as disappointed as I am in the Stoke result but I can assure you it was not for a lack of boots on the ground. There was  a great response to the request for support, and large numbers of our members, from all over the country, traveled to Stoke and worked tirelessly. Their number included members from Bromsgrove who helped with the leafleting, door knocking and manning polling stations, even in the vile weather on polling day itself .The referendum was won but the fight isn’t over

My message today, is that WE are still here, ready to rejoin the fight.  A little depressed but we will recover and, in the immortal words of Herr Juncker, say, ‘on we go’, the difference, however, being that we oppose everything he stands for.

Until we actually leave the EU. Some of our anti EU policies are in danger of being watered down, with fishing rights and human rights legislation being just two. We must keep up the pressure on this Government for as long as it takes.

One good thing we learned from our defeat is the knowledge that we can give the Tories a run for their money, which we intend to do in Bromsgrove Central at the County Elections. We will need as many volunteers to deliver leaflets and canvass door to door as possible: we may even hold table days again!

At present we have only one candidate to stand in the County elections and we need more, if only to take votes away from LibLabCon and allow our supporters the opportunity to vote UKIP. Please think about it, just your name against the our logo on a ballot paper will receive  some votes without you even leaving your living room ! Contact me if you are willing to even consider doing that.

Stay positive! We won the Referendum and we will continue to move forward, we ‘the little people’ will continue the fight for our Country, through the sympathetic media, talking to friends using social media winning council seats and maybe writing to our MP!

The Stoke result is history and neither that or the machinations at Head Office affect the UKIP movement in Bromsgrove, which more than 8,000 of our fellow citizens supported in the General Election of 2015 and 53% voted leave.

Adrian Smart

Your Chairman.



A great campaign and great candidate deserved more

Many of us had hoped that we’d be starting our day today with a second UKIP MP.

The work that so many of you put into helping our campaign in Stoke deserved far more than the second place we achieved. Truly, I’ve never seen a UKIP campaign like it.

Record numbers turned out to deliver leaflets, knock on doors, work on street stalls and man our campaign shop. The one thing that we can be absolutely certain about is that we really did do everything humanly possible to get Paul Nuttall over the line and into Westminster. Sadly we fell short.

There are still so many positives to take from our campaign and so many of them involve you, our membership. Your enthusiasm, energy and passion for our party really has made this the best campaign UKIP has ever fought. Thank you all, so much.

Can I offer my thanks to the team who ran our campaign in Stoke, and to Paul for his courage in being prepared to take this challenge on so early in his Leadership. It took grit and determination; the very hallmarks of a UKIP candidate. In the face of a hateful smear campaign Paul remained focused and positive, never choosing to attack or criticise his opponents – he took on the Labour Party in their own heartland with grace and dignity and was a huge credit to our party.

Whilst we had dared to dream of a win in Stoke, we have remained realistic throughout the campaign. Winning any by-election under fptp is incredibly difficult and as the political analysts have commented, in the case of Stoke we would have needed a significant crossover of Conservative voters to help us over the line. That was not forthcoming, possibly because the Tories are more interested in keeping Jeremy Corbyn in place. Despite that we came together and improved on our result from 2015 whilst at the same time reducing the Labour majority by half. Last night was a step forward for our party and we must remember that.

Can I finally just say a massive well done and thank you to Fiona Mills and her team in Copeland. Despite so much of the party and its resources being focused elsewhere, Fiona battled incredibly hard and without complaint against overwhelming odds in the Cumbrian Constituency. Fiona will make an excellent MP one day and I’m sure that another opportunity with better prospects will come along soon.

As I said on the Today programme this morning, however long it takes for us to win a Westminster by-election, we will not be daunted. After our 23-year referendum campaign we know that politics is a long game and we’re sticking with it all the way.

Kind regards

Paul Oakden
UKIP Chairman



How we’ve made our NEC more transparent

Following on from elections at the end of last year, our new Leader and National Executive Committee met at the beginning of January with all members agreeing on the need to make the committee more transparent.

As part of that agreement there was a commitment to make a report available to members, outlining what is discussed and agreed at meetings moving forward.

I’m delighted to be able to write and confirm that the first of these reports is now available for members to read online.

Due to the necessity of our NEC approving minutes from previous meetings, the publication of this report will always run approximately six weeks behind, but I hope that it will be the first step in reassuring members of the positive work that the NEC does on your behalf.

Also available is a document which will make specific reference to rule changes. I hope that this document will make it easier for our branch officers to see what rule changes are being made on a month by month basis.

Due to the sensitive nature of this information, it is being uploaded onto MyUKIP, the members only forum.

To view the reports, please click the link below:

To gain access to the page, you will first need to be registered to

The link will prompt you to either LOG IN or REGISTER. If you are already a registered user of MyUKIP, please select the option to LOG IN using your usual details.

If you are not already a registered user of MyUKIP, please select the option to REGISTER and provide the requested details. Once you have received email confirmation of your registration to the site, you will be able to click the link ( and log in using the details you provided.

Kind regards,

Paul Oakden
UKIP Chairman


Dates for the Diary, News, Bedtime Reading etc.

1 – If you have replaced any branch officers as part of your AGMs, complete a new data protection and declaration form. They must be scanned and emailed to Derek (email in the contacts list) asap.
2-  Ask your members what they do in the working day – You’ll be surprised the skills they might have. At Christmas, we learned a member from a West Midlands branch was a professional film director, prepared to share his skills.
Owen Cleary
UKIP H&W Counties Chairman


Approved candidates. screenshot-2017-02-15-at-21-17-00


MPs have taken a historic step towards taking Britain out of the European Union by approving the bill allowing the prime minister to trigger article 50 by a majority of 384 votes. The bill still has to get through another three days of debate in the Commons, and then it will go to the Lords, but with MPs backing it by such a large margin it now seems certain to clear all its parliamentary stages by the beginning of March. This means Theresa May will be able to trigger article 50 as she plans before the end of that month, starting a two-year process that should lead to the UK being out of the EU before April 2019.


8th February 2017


Fed up with more of the same?                                                                                     Make the effort and change things. Stand and represent UKIP.        

In a representative democracy, the term paper candidate is often given to a candidate who stands for a political party in an electoral division where the party in question enjoys only low levels of support. Although the candidate has little chance of winning, a major party will normally make an effort to ensure it has its name on the ballot paper in every constituency. In two-party systems, a paper candidate may also be known as token opposition.


Government loses Supreme Court case over Article 50.

Theresa May needs the approval of Parliament to trigger the Brexit process, Britain’s most senior judges have ruled.

The Supreme Court has decided that MPs must be given a vote on triggering Article 50, the formal mechanism for leaving the European Union.

Despite the setback, Downing Street insisted Mrs May’s plan to begin negotiations on leaving the EU by the end of March remains on track.



The Latest From Theresa May With Regards Her Brexit Negotiations.

17th January 2017.



Bromsgrove Branch Chairman Adrian Smart stood for election in Bromsgrove’s Norton Ward.                                                                                                                                                                   He stated,       
“The people of Norton and indeed Bromsgrove should be represented by local people with the knowledge and experience to fight for their right to be heard and not ignored.”


Adrian Smart.


screenshot-2017-01-20-at-06-52-54 New Years Honour Award For UKIP’S

Peter Reeve.



How a lack European border controls puts us all in peril

It gives no one in UKIP any pleasure whatsoever to state ‘we warned you’. Nigel Farage made it patently clear earlier this year that ISIS would use the refugee crisis and Merkel’s ‘open door invite’ to the troubled parts of the Middle East to smuggle hundreds of jihadists into Europe.

The slaughter of innocents in Paris and Nice wasn’t a coincidence and the latest atrocity in Berlin shows that ISIS is now at war with Europe. The EU’s continued support of Schengen and uncontrolled immigration both within and from outside the EU is (i) costing innocent lives, (ii) leaving hundreds with life-threatening or life-changing injuries and (iii) undermining social cohesion and our Judeo-Christian way of life.

That Anis Amri was able to enter the EU from Tunisia, be jailed in Italy, escape to Germany, kill and maim in Berlin, then flee back to Italy via France where he was shot dead, is testament to the failure of the EU to protect it citizens and control its internal and external borders.

Only one Party has had the political courage to consistently warn of the dangers of uncontrolled immigration and the loss of sovereignty to the EU and that’s UKIP.

UKIP must continue speaking truth to power and ensure that the UK is fully removed from the ticking time bomb that is the EU. History will judge that at a time of despair and tribulation only UKIP stood tall and was willing to fight for our hard fought for values and right to run our own affairs via a fully Sovereign Parliament.

John Bickley
UKIP Immigration Spokesman


UKIP Launches its NHS Policy.







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