Message from Gerard Batten.


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  Gerard Batten Interviewed By Sky News. 





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Economist Dr Graham Gudgin leads a group warning against seeking to reverse the referendum result

Brainy Brits Come Out For Brexit

Nearly 40 leading intellectuals have launched a campaign to
back Brexit, demanding an end to patronising “propaganda”
that dismisses “leave” voters as “idiots”.
In the first such intervention since the vote, renowned
economists, lawyers, philosophers, historians, scientists and
experts in foreign and domestic policy warn it is wrong to see
Britain’s intellectual leaders as pro-remain.
The group, which includes those who voted “remain” in 2016, is
led by the historian Professor Robert Tombs and the economist
Dr Graham Gudgin, both of Cambridge University. It also
includes the former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove, the Labour
peer Lord Glasman and the Oxford law professor Dr Richard word of mouth the news of their stand got out and, without a
word of publicity, they suddenly found they were attracting
some super-smart supporters.
“I’ve been surprised by how many people found out about it and
came on board quickly,” Gudgin said. “We would not have
known about them unless we set this up.”
Sadly, some Brexiteer academics were afraid to join Briefings
for Brexit. “One of our contributors said he was told by a
younger pro-Brexit colleague that his professor had told him
that people who voted Brexit were the sort of people who sent
his relatives to concentration camps,” Gudgin said.
For the same reason, some of the authors of essays on the site
will be anonymous.
The group said that seeking to reverse the result — as some
academics would like — “would outrage democratic sovereignty,
cause dangerous and lasting dissension, and make the United
Kingdom an international laughing stock”.



A Message From Our Branch Secretary.

Fellow Members.

You may have seen the email from Paul Oakden on Anna Soubry,  which I circulated earlier,  which carried a couple of quotes attributed to Labour PM Clement Attlee, which I thought were interesting in the light of Labour’s current ambivalence on the EU and Brexit.

I was ten years old, when he came to office in 1945 ( after Churchill was rejected by an electorate which didn’t share the rosy perception of him, that is now generally accepted )

I knew little of Attlee, other than the comment once made of him,

that:  he was a modest man with much to be modest about.

though this may be unfair to a man who worked hard for London’s East End poor.

His comments at the time when we were about to join the Common Market, indicate that he was not swept along with the : what he called the propaganda,  used to sell the idea to the electorate.

A bit ahead of his time there perhaps .

QUOTE ( abbreviated slightly )  :  ‘ I feel gravelly disturbed, we are allying ourselves with six nations of Europe,  four of which we rescued in 1945 , from the other two ‘ .

QUOTE ( abbreviated ) :   ‘ unfortunately the propaganda for us entering the Common Market has been largely based on defeatism, and we are told that unless we join we are going to have a terrible time. 

That is no way to go into the negotiation, it should be on the basis that they have need of you – not just you of them ! ‘

Our Brexit negotiators could benefit from his wisdom ?


As we prepare to leave 2017 and enter into another new year 2018, UKIP is going to engage more with different forms of communication technology in an effort to improve the distribution of information to its members.  Branch officers or others will be designated to help with this process and hopefully this will simplify the  passing on of news and views to members. I will post further information when I get it so please check back periodically to keep up to date.  Thank you. Website Admin.  



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Hungry for real democracy
I don’t know about you but I’m hungry for democracy. So hungry , in fact, that I am participating in a worthwhile event being organised by our friends at the Make Votes Matter campaign which aims to draw attention to the fact that millions of people are denied real democracy by our broken First Past The Post voting system and millions more have votes that don’t count.

Back in 2015 UKIP, The Greens and the Lib Dems garnered 24% of the vote nationally but only 1.5% of the seats, leaving millions of people unrepresented in parliament. Indeed in the snap general election of 2017 we polled more votes than the DUP who currently prop up the flailing May government. We need Proportional Representation so that seats match votes and every vote counts.

No party has suffered more over recent years as a result of the current voting system than UKIP; this is a campaign that really does matter and has a huge impact on our ability to represent our voters in the future.

Hungry for Democracy is a 24 hour hunger strike from 8pm today until 8pm tomorrowaccompanied by a vigil in Parliament Square whose aim is to keep the pressure on politicians to deliver this much-needed change. You can follow the event live on Twitter using the hashtag #hungry4democracy.
How we’ll vote at the EGMSince announcing the date and details of the upcoming EGM, there has been much interest in how the vote will work on the actual day

Our initial intentions had been to have members vote simply by raising a colour specific voting card, but since that possibility was first mooted I’ve had several emails from members who have a strong preference for a more private method of registering their vote.

With that in mind, I have decided that a closed ballot will now determine the outcome of the EGM. I have made this decision to ensure that every member can feel entirely comfortable in voting whichever way they feel best supports the long term future of UKIP.

However, I’m aware that a closed ballot will bring with it inevitable cries of conspiracy. I  will therefore take the following steps to ensure that all members have confidence in the integrity of the ballot.

  • The ballot will be overseen by the Party Secretary, Adam Richardson.
  • On arrival, each member will be provided with one ballot paper upon presenting their membership card to the registration team. A record will be kept of how many ballots have been issued.
  • Four ballot boxes will be displayed to members, empty, immediately prior to the ballot commencing.
  • Members will be provided with a private area to complete their ballot paper, before folding  it in half and placing it into one of the four ballot boxes provided.
  • Once the ballot has closed, all four ballot boxes will be carried onto the stage, in full view of the members and opened onto tables on the stage.
  • The count will take place on the stage in the main hall, in front of members attending.
  • The result will be declared immediately upon the conclusion of the count, with counted ballots still on stage.
  • Both the Leader and the NEC will have two representatives each to observe all aspects of the ballot first hand.

The meeting will start as planned at 1:15pm. I predict the speaking time for both the proponent and the opponent, which will be apportioned equally, will take no more than a collective hour, after which the ballot will take place.

To emphasise again, whilst this will be a closed ballot, no aspect of it will take place in private or away from the view of our membership, apart from when members complete their individual ballot papers. Ballot boxes will remain in view at all times.

I remain fully committed, alongside the Party Secretary, to delivering as transparent and impartial an EGM as we can on February 17th. I hope this is clear from the steps I have taken above.

Kind Regards,

Paul Oakden.


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UKIP – If we die, so does Brexit!
In an article published recently, it was suggested that now was the time to let UKIP die.

The crux of the piece was this: ‘whilst we should be grateful for everything UKIP has done, they’ve had their day and can no longer deliver anything on Brexit’. The suggestion was that instead, we all leave UKIP and join the Tory party to infiltrate from within, Momentum style!

Sadly, I remember all too well the snap election last year, when UKIP decided to stand down against a swathe of Conservatives around the country to “help deliver Brexit”. The premise was a sound one. Allow May & Co a clear run for a majority that could then deliver what we’d all campaigned for – simple!

What was missing from the grand plan was the realisation that hundreds of thousands of people who believe in Brexit wouldn’t touch the Tories with somebody else’s barge pole! They all had their reasons – tribal, trust or tradition –  but ultimately they all realised something that we seemed to momentarily lose sight of. Whatever the problem might be, the Tories are never the solution to it.

The papers over the weekend were riddled with articles outlining the countless ways in which Brexit is going horribly wrong. We had Jacob Rees Mogg breaking cover, and former Cabinet Minister Theresa Villiers saying that the direction of travel over the last year has gone only one way, “towards the dilution of Brexit”.

The Donald commented on the other Theresa’s negotiating skills (or lack thereof) and how he would rightly be much tougher were he in her shoes. Whatever your views on President Trump, he’s a Leader who is clearly willing to put his country first and nobody in UKIP would criticise him for that!

The Sunday Telegraph also raised growing concerns over allegations that civil servants who opposed Brexit are working to force the democratically elected government, led by a weak Prime Minister, into a “soft Brexit”. The government themselves are trying to water down the EU Withdrawal Bill because they’re in fear of getting thumped in the Commons.

As I said, whatever the problem might be, the Tories are never the solution. There is a reason that so many who left us a year ago to join the ‘blue brigade’ are now returning; they quickly discovered that the Tories don’t understand, they don’t believe and they’re in no way worthy of our trust when it comes to delivering our nation’s independence. Let’s not forget, it was them who gave it away in the first place.

Moreover, we now know from bitter experience that what makes UKIP unique is that we really are a refuge for the disenchanted from across the political spectrum. I wouldn’t want to guess how many former Labour or LibDem members we have in our party but I can guarantee it to be a substantial number. You’d have a greater chance of getting them to join the Temperance League than the Tories!

UKIP remains by far and away the largest grassroots organisation prepared to campaign on the ground for a real Brexit, and the kind of separation from the EU that our country voted for and future generations need. UKIP’s involvement isn’t simply preferable, it’s a necessity.

It is blindingly obvious that the time we’ve spent navel-gazing post Referendum has allowed the Remain establishment to take a stranglehold on Britain’s future. We can still save it, and we must.

As somebody who has seen firsthand the brilliance of our party and its members, I can say with absolute authority that the way we guarantee Brexit is not by becoming Tories, but by rebuilding UKIP!

It is clear from everything we read over the weekend, that UKIP must – not should, but MUST – return to the streets to lead the campaign to ensure that Brexit happens. We have much to do to make our party better, more effective, better organised – but if we take our eye off the ball, we will betray the 17.4 million people who trusted us to give them their country back.

We all know the value of the UKIP brand, and how hard it would be to replicate.

Instead, now is the time for anybody who believes in Brexit to come together and work with us in rebuilding the consortium that delivered Brexit; let UKIP sort itself out and develop as it should, with our motivated membership leading the charge in delivering the proper, full-throated Brexit that Jacob Rees-Mogg, Theresa Villiers and others are calling for – and only UKIP’s electoral threat can actually deliver.

Kind Regards,

Paul Oakden

Party Chairman.




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UKIP – Inspiring individual freedom.

We want the UK and Europe to be Prosperous, Happy and at Peace.

Dear member,

Why have we produced another EFDD booklet? We believe people often assume things are ‘obvious’ and regard them as true when, in fact, they are not obvious at all.

Brexit has turned Europe upside down and torn political parties apart. The Conservatives failed to win a ‘strong and stable’ majority in the 2017 UK elections and are mired in a constant state of crisis. The Liberal Democrats have faded into obscurity. Labour seems lost in the politics of 1917 rather than 2017. The EU seems to be pursuing a punitive agenda which threatens to impoverish us all.

What is presented here is a clear, definitive guide on a route forward, covering the economy, trade, defence, law and order, management of immigration and much else. It also contains stark reminders of the realities of a world where far too many think only of themselves and/or are driven by irrational prejudice.

Even if you do not agree with everything we have written, we hope you find it thoughtful, provocative and stimulating: ideas which you can use. We therefore look forward to working with you to take our ideas and group into a post-Brexit world.


Bill Etheridge MEP, Tony Brown and Cllr Paul Brothwood

Please click here to access the booklet for free. 

We hope you enjoy the read. Paper copies are available on request.

Shared Opinions

A Summary from Labour Leave.

At Labour Leave we cautiously welcomed the moving on of Brexit talks on to the second stage. A divorce bill on the larger end of the EU’s demands of £60-100 Billion has apparently been avoided. The ECJ will not be the final authority on EU Citizens rights in the UK, and Northern Ireland will not be required to stay in the EU internal market or the customs union.
Significant matters of concern are still looming. On EU citizens UK courts will still have to give ‘due regard’ to ‘relevant’ decisions of ECJ on a permanent basis. Lastly the compromise over the Irish border includes that in the ‘absence of agreed solutions’ the UK ‘will maintain full alignment with those rules of the Internal Market and the Customs Union which, now or in the future, support … the all-island economy’. Then Philip Hammond curiously suggested that we would pay the agreed settlement even if we didn’t have an acceptable free trade deal with the EU.
Together with this we learn that the EU wants to make stage two of talks about the ‘transitional period’ leaving substantive trade talks until a new ‘stage 3’!
You can see what the EU is up to. In its vision of a tariff free trade deal it sees the UK binding itself to internal market regulations rather than mutual recognition with ultimate decisions on that having ‘due regard’ to the ECJ and binding us to pay £40 Billion in stage 2 before we’ve accepted or rejected their offer on trade in stage 3.
The British government must resist this and Labour must not act as the henchman or handmaid to the EU’s strategy. Keir Starmer’s interview with Andrew Marr where he talked of ‘staying aligned’ with the EU is therefore deeply disappointing.

At Labour Leave we will continue to work with our MPs that supported leaving the EU and those who genuinely accept the referendum result to ensure whilst we don’t give the government a blank cheque, neither do we undermine its negotiating strength nor betray the principle of self rule that the British public voted for.

Yours sincerely,
Edward Rennie,
Policy Analyst


UKIP members please be advised that MYUKIP  website has a new address which is

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Government Farce Threatens Brexit

Politics seems to have taken a turn for the absurd this week, as the Conservative party, elected by millions to ensure the Brexit result we all campaigned for, staggers from self-inflicted crisis to self-inflicted crisis.

On Tuesday we had the unedifying sight of Boris Johnson having to apologise for ill-advised and slapdash comments that have undoubtedly worsened the plight of a British citizen, currently behind bars in a Tehran gaol. Then we had Priti Patel cutting short her trip to Uganda, only to be sacked for ignoring the most basic rules of procedure.

Not only that, it is becoming clear that no matter how extreme the demands are for the UK to kow-tow to Brussels through the negotiations, on citizenship, immigration, on paying an ever increasing divorce bill, we see Mrs May and the Tories blinking so fast there should be strobe warnings. It’s utter chaos, and the thing we all worked so hard for is being wrecked before our very eyes by a government who don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing.

As for the other lot; today we had a large number of Labour MPs, who stood clearly on a manifesto pledge to honour the referendum, to end free movement and leave the Single Market, who voted overwhelmingly to adopt Article 50, now working to try and overturn that decision.

Millions of Labour voters, including at least a million who had previously voted for UKIP are being betrayed. UKIP must and will expose them for the backsliding opportunists they are.

Labour are a shower, and the Tories, as so often before, just cannot be trusted on Europe.

UKIP have never been more necessary.


ITV Documentary

Many of you will be aware that last night, a programme was broadcast, showing clips filmed by an undercover reporter who followed Anne Marie Waters around during her failed Leadership bid. In the broadcast, views were highlighted that Ms Waters gave in private conversations both before and after UKIP events.

We were asked for a quote by the producers of this piece, and felt that it would be beneficial for us to circulate that quote to you now, so that all members can be aware of what the party said in advance of the broadcast:

Many members had concerns over the decision to let Anne Marie Waters stand to be UKIP Leader, including Henry Bolton, who challenged that decision during our Leadership election. 

The NEC allowing her to stand was based on a belief that our membership had a right to decide whether UKIP should allow itself to become a single issue, anti-Islam party. Thankfully, it comprehensively rejected that approach. Ms Waters is no longer a member of our party, having discovered that her extreme views have no place in UKIP. 

Whilst UKIP will continue, as it always has, to speak out about issues that it thinks are important and which are continually ignored by the other parties; under Henry Bolton’s Leadership it will never single out, persecute or discriminate against any group on account of its gender, sexuality, race or religion.

I know that a small number of people chose to follow Ms Waters when she left to set up her new party. Parties similar to hers have appeared before, and disappeared not long after. UKIP however has shown its resilience and ability to endure, time and time again. The vast majority of members who have chosen to remain with us will now be at the forefront of what we do moving forward.

Our new Leader has been working tirelessly to make the necessary plans to give those loyal stalwarts the changes they’re so desperate for. This email is the first salvo of those changes. More will follow, quickly, and with it we hope that now absent friends will realise this is the only party strong enough, seasoned enough and sensible enough to bring about the changes our country needs.

Party Logo

As many of you will know, there has been a slight delay in getting out the finalised versions of our new logo. I’m pleased to say that we have now completed the necessary work to get the logos ready for publication on your leaflets, and more importantly, your ballot papers.

Shortly, all branch Chairmen will be emailed images of the new logo that can be used on your leaflets, websites, Twitter, Facebook, anything that promotes our party. Whilst there will understandably be a transition period, it’s important that we use every opportunity to promote the new UKIP Lion.

Thankfully, the coverage we received from our unveiling of the new logo at conference means that most people have seen it already; now it’s down to us to keep that momentum going. If you need the image to use for a local campaign, speak to your branch Chairman over the weekend and they should be in a position to pass it along.


Party Leader, Henry Bolton, Continues his tour of the country with the following dates:

West Midlands – 6th December – Great Barr Hotel – Pear Tree Drive, Newton Road, Birmingham B43 6HS, 7pmEast Midlands – Thursday 7th December – 3aaa County Ground, Nottingham Road, Derby DE21 6DA – 7pm

South West – Wednesday 13th December – The Crystal Suite, The Best Western Hotel, Blundell’s Road,
Tiverton, Devon EX16 4DB – 7pm
Entry is only available to UKIP members, membership cards are required. Please register your interest at the following link:

Restructuring Continues but we need more of you

We continue to consider applications for the roles of Regional Controller, Regional Communications Manager and County Organiser and I would encourage any member interested in joining the team to volunteer via the following link:

It also gives me great pleasure to announce the following initial appointments. More will follow very soon.

Regional Controller for Scotland – Janice Mackay – – 07501 491 677

Regional Controller for Northern Ireland – Paul Girvan – – 07734 037 561
Regional Communications Manager for Northern Ireland – John Montgomery – – 07714 409 005

Regional Controller for Wales – Alun Williams – – 07432 829 706

PRESS_(1).pngBelow are just some of the Press Releases that our excellent spokesmen have sent to the media over the past few days

We must stop the betrayal of Brexit

Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem, has launched a petition to force the Government to remove fisheries from Theresa May’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’, saying, “the inclusion of the Common Fisheries Policy into UK law is an abject betrayal of Brexit.”

Mr Hookem, UKIP’s fisheries spokesman, launched his crusade after George Eustice announced in the House of Commons that ‘technical measures’ of the CFP will be included in Theresa May’s flagship Repeal Bill.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “the response to the petition has been amazing so far, with over 6,000 signatures in the first 48 hours. However, we still have a long way to go if we are going to get the 100,000 signatures we need to force a Commons debate.

“Throughout the referendum, the fishing community of Great Britain was one of the loudest voices in the Leave camp, as they have seen first-hand how disastrous EU policy can be to our country.

“The fishing communities simply want the right to make a living through reclaiming the 200-mile exclusive economic zone we are entitled to under international law and repatriating the 70% of the total allowable catch in British waters that are currently taken by EU vessels.

“I for one will support our fishing communities all the way, as I believe, post-Brexit we can achieve the £6.3 Billion boost to the UK economy that the fishing industry is estimated to be worth.

“Fishing means skilled jobs; income into coastal communities; and a huge boost to the national economy.

“However, by taking the CFP into British law using the Great Repeal Bill, the Tories risk handing the EU the opportunity to take the UK to court under the Vienna Convention, citing continuity of rights in the post-transition era.

“This Brexit betrayal must not be allowed to happen, and I urge the whole country to get behind our fishing communities and sign my petition.”

Britannia used to rule the waves – but cuts make it a laughing stock

MEP slams Government over lack of investment into Royal Navy and fisheries protection as Gibraltarians complain of illegal incursions into territorial waters

UKIP fisheries spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed the Government for “allowing” illegal fishing by Spanish trawlers off Gibraltar, saying, “the lack of UK investment into the Royal Navy and fisheries policing and protection is encouraging a situation where the Spanish can rob us blind.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after furious Gibraltarians took to Twitter to complain about illegal fishing incursions by Spanish vessels into British Gibraltar’s Territorial Waters. Twitter users claim one Spanish fishing boat – the Virgin Carmen 1 – is “pushing its luck” by illegally fishing on seven separate days in October alone.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “This whole situation is down to a lack of investment in both the Royal Navy and fisheries protection!  What hope do we have of protecting our citizen’s rights off Gibraltar when we have only four vessels patrolling the coast and fisheries of the UK mainland.“I know the Royal Navy do their utmost to chase away vessels acting illegally in Gibraltarian waters, but they are overstretched, underfunded and facing further budget cuts.

“The whole situation is ridiculous, and the UK is fast becoming the laughing stock of the waves, rather than ruling them as we used to.   The situation in Gibraltar is only going to get worse as we move towards Brexit; with the Spanish ramping up the pressure for the return of Gibraltar, against the wishes of its citizens.   However, this situation is a prime example of just how run down our defences have become, and why we must have investment in both fisheries protect and the UK’s armed forces.

“If fishing communities across Britain achieve the aim of repatriating the UK’s 200-mile EEZ, we must have the means, the ability and the will to protect all our waters from this type of activity, both here in the UK and in our overseas territories.”

UKIP Wales Leader calls on First Minister Carwyn Jones to resign

 “Now that we know the relative triviality and contestability of the allegations (“unwanted attention” and “touching”) made against Carl Sergeant, it is clear that his summary dismissal was both heartless and in breach of the most fundamental principle of natural justice – giving the accused the right to defend himself”, said Neil Hamilton AM. 

“By publicly sacking Carl without giving him details of the allegations, he subjected Carl to trial by innuendo and left him to twist in the wind. Carwyn Jones is an experienced criminal law barrister and must be held to the highest standards of due process.  He acted disproportionately and without human sympathy.

“The First Minister failed to fulfil his duty of care to Carl Sergeant.  The intolerable mental anguish which that failure caused led directly to Carl’s suicide.  The First Minister should accept his personal responsibility and resign.”


Kind Regards

Paul Oakden

Interim Party Chairman



Branch Members Please Be Advised.

Details about the Branch AGM Venue and Date is now available on the sites Secure Page.

The page password is required for access the page.

If you experience problems please use the branch contact form.  Ensure you supply your membership number for security reasons though. Thank you.

John Pardoe.



Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 11.12.32

Government responded:

The country voted to leave the EU, and this Government respects that. A smooth and orderly exit is in the interest of both the UK and the EU.

The country voted to leave the EU, and the Government is clear that there must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it through the back door, and no second referendum.

In leaving the EU the Government will seek the best deal for the UK maximising the benefits from leaving the EU – control over our borders, laws and money – while maintaining the greatest possible access to EU markets and continuing to work with our European neighbours on common problems. After withdrawal, the UK will bring an end to the direct jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister has been clear that the days of Britain making vast contributions to the European Union every year will end. The European Commission has set out the European Union’s position on the financial settlement, and the Government is undertaking a rigorous examination of the detail of this.

The Government has already introduced legislation to ensure the UK exits the EU with certainty, continuity and control. A smooth and orderly exit is in the national interest and further legislation will be introduced to deliver that.

Both the UK and the EU should want to achieve the best possible outcome and the strongest possible partnership for the future. The Government believes that a deep and special partnership between an independent UK and the EU is in the interests of both sides.

Department for Exiting the European Union

Click this link to view the response online:

The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament


 Julia Hartley-Brewers interview with Henry Bolton.


Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 20.19.09

Henry Bolton calls for Alan Duncan to be fired after his contempt for           the 17.4 million.

Sir Alan Duncan, the Europe Minister has described the referendum vote as a “tantrum” by “blue collar workers” while talking in the Chicago.

Henry Bolton, the UKIP leader has called for him to resign or be sacked instantly.

“How can a man who is meant to represent the UK in Europe feel that way about the majority of the people in the UK? The old joke about the Foreign Office must be true, it represents foreigners in Britain, rather than the other way round, it is clear that the Minister represents the interests of Europe rather than the interests of the UK.

“The contempt that he shows towards the 17.4 million is a disgrace, but is symptomatic of a political elite who despise the ordinary people of our country and their hopes and aspirations.

“The Prime Minster cannot just sit back and allow this. Her authority and credibility are already in question and the words of her Minister will undermine even further if she fails to act. How can those millions believe her leadership in negotiations, and how can our EU colleagues not laugh at her if she fails to do so?”

Europe minister strays from official government line, warning that labour shortages after Brexit could damage UK.

Leave supporters among the British working class threw a tantrum in the Brexit referendum about immigration, and often complained about Europeans taking the jobs they themselves had refused to do, the Europe minister, Sir Alan Duncan, has said.

Screenshot 2017-10-04 at 15.07.05
Alan Duncan.



Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 20.19.09

Together we can make our party and our country great again

I am so proud to be writing to you as the new Leader of our Party.

My decision to stand for the Leadership was based on a desire to see UKIP regain its drive, focus and self-belief. I know that the destiny of our party walks hand in hand with the future security and prosperity of our nation.

We have led before; bringing a referendum to the people of this country and then campaigning to secure the biggest mandate ever recorded in the UK. Now, what we see is a government in meltdown; consumed by their own divisions and incapable of delivering on the will of the British people. It will be down to us to see the job done, and failure is not an option.

Having emerged from the whirlwind of media interviews at conference, I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to those of you who were able to come to Torquay this weekend. Your enthusiasm made the Annual Conference a huge success.

A number of journalists were there expecting to report on dissension and division. What they saw was loyalty, unity, positive energy and a clear sense of purpose. There was a palpable atmosphere of optimism.

Now, having been trusted with the incredible honour and privilege to lead our party, I will be here at your service, I will serve to lead and together we will make this Party, and our country great again.

Thank you

Henry Bolton OBE
Party Leader




Message From Derek Bennett  Regional Organiser.

Dear UKIP Chairmen and members,

After a summer of lethargy and little happening due to everyone being knackered and left flat and dispirited after the general election, which was far from good for us in UKIP, as well as everyone waiting to see who was to be our new leader and what the re-branding was to be at our conference, UKIP has been dormant over the summer.  Now its time to change, pull our socks up and get cracking again as we rally behind Henry Bolton, our new UKIP leader.

Regarding Henry Bolton, Peter Jewell is hoping to organise an event in the Midlands, possibly a dinner, where Henry can come along and be with us and talk to us.

For all of us at the conference in Torquay this last weekend, it came as a relief when election was over and Henry was announced as the UKIP leader.  He made a cracking and motivating speech and left all present in no doubt we now have a leader with gravitas who will give UKIP a new image, one that can be taken seriously by all.

Speaking of image, at the top of the page you can see a photo I took of our new UKIP logo, which was hugely popular with all present at the conference, under our new proud lion logo we can now have a new start and finish to job we started – its time to make sure Brexit happens.

Theresa May and her ‘remain’ Tories have been fudging the negotiations with the EU, this means the EU Commission will now treat her with contempt and give a really bad deal – so bad it will not be the Brexit we in UKIP fought for and won for our nation.  This means the anti-democratic remoaners have had time to re-group and plot their treachery against our freedom and democracy – we can’t let them wreck the victory we gained due to apathy on our side.  It is up to us in UKIP, with our new leader, to pick up the cudgels again and fight for all we have achieved, please pass this e-mail on to your members and lets rally to the cause.

UKIP is still here and still fighting, to quote Henry Bolton speaking of the conference: “A number of journalists were there expecting to report on dissension and division. What they saw was loyalty, unity, positive energy and a clear sense of purpose. There was a palpable atmosphere of optimism.”

Let’s grab that optimism and get going again, let’s get our branches organised and moving again, I want to be there with you so please keep in touch and let me know where and when you are meeting – we won the referendum battle, now we have to win the Brexit war.

With very many regards, Derek Bennett.


Henry Bolton’s Speech To The Conference After His Election The Day Before.



UKIP leadership results

  • Winner: Henry Bolton, 3,874 votes (29.9%)
  • Anne Marie Waters, 2,755 votes (21.3%)
  • David Kurten, 2,201 votes (17%)
  • John Rees-Evans, 2,021 votes (15.6%)
  • Peter Whittle, 1,413 votes, (10.9%)
  • Jane Collins, 566 votes, 4.4%
  • Aidan Powlesland, 85 votes, 0.65%


Report on Henry’s speech this afternoon.

Posted on September 30, 2017 by Vivian Evans in debate, Elections for UKIP Daily visitors.

Report from UKIP Daily.
Well – the new leader Henry Bolton put his foot down quite quickly.

As you know, the speech of the new leader was meant to be at 4.30 pm this Saturday afternoon. It was well known – representations had been made – that a huge part of the audience would’ve left by then, getting home.
So HB asked the time be put forward, and here we are. The place is heaving, no-one seems to have left: a good indication that members are looking froward to hearing this first AGM speech of the new leader.
If the bandwidth holds up, and if everything is ok, I hope to bring you this speech hot from the keyboard.
After Paul Oakden’s introductory speech about how good conference was, here is the man. I do hope you an watch it online.
He gets a standing ovation coming in. And he waves a small Union Jack.
HB starts on May’s election speech,, on ‘strong and stable leadership – unfortunately many of our former votes trusted her, but are we any closer to Brexit?
Our courts are still subordinate to a foreign power, and we know that the EU dictated her speech. A diplomat said that she has failed to make significant progress on Brexit.
HB focuses on Ms May’s Florence speech – chuckling in thea audience – and Hb asks, did she actually say anything concrete?
HB then makes quite clear that the transition period is totally unacceptable to huge applause from the audience.
The Government is dropping the ball, they are not doing what needs to be done if they seriously want Brexit. She lauds service men and then stabs them in the back.
HB addresses both Juncker’s speech nd May’s support for the paled EU Army. ‘Outrageous’ comes from the floor – and huge applause.
“Does any of that suggests that we want out of the EU?” NO, shouts the audience.
They are incompetent or negligent, the Govmnt cannot eb trusted to take us out of the EU, or lead Brexit, set clear strategic goals.
“We must be clear on the ECA1972 act and must prepare to leave now! – huge applause.
“Leaving the EU means we will be in control of our own destiny’.
Hb then goes on about the disenfranchised voters and people in local communities, how government is not interested in how and what people want. Multi-Culturalism is swamping or replacing our own culture. HB then mentions the range of policies (Schools, education and more) which we need.
HB will make our Party fit, clean and effective. Improve our internal communication, utilising our many talents, gent fit for elections, prepare candidates for election. Branches to be allowed to keep some membership fees – that’s his intention. and he wants us to work in constituencies and prepare for Westminster.
HB will embark on a tour: meeting branches and inform himself on our problems.
“We’ll achieve great success if we are united” -“we are, we are” comes back from the audience. “Thats one job done”, HB quips, on the first day’ – audience chuckles and is happy.




The little-known candidate beat the two front-runners in the contest – controversial Sharia Watch director Anne Marie Waters and London Assembly member Peter Whittle – to win with 3,874 votes.
The 54-year-old international security expert is a former British Army officer, Thames Valley police officer and UN Governor who was awarded an OBE in 2013 for services to international security and stabilisation.
Married with three children and living in Folkestone, his wife Tatiana Smurova-Bolton, gave birth to their second child on a high-speed train at St Pancras station last year.
His Ukip leader nomination referee was former leader Nigel Farage and he was endorsed by Mike Hookem, James Carver, Jill Seymour and Ray Finch.
In his current role as an international security expert, he has advised the Home Office, the United Nations and the European Union (EU).
He has worked as a mediator for the UN and chief planner for the EU’s European Security and Defence missions around the world.

Political history:

Mr Bolton was a Lib Dem member for many years and ran as the party’s candidate in the 2005 general election in Philip Hammond’s Runnymede and Weybridge seat.
He came third with 17 per cent of the vote, just five per cent behind the Labour candidate.
In 2014 he switched allegiances to Ukip, saying he felt more comfortable in a party which said what it thought.
A year later he stood as a Ukip candidate for Shepway District Council in Folkestone, Kent, where he lives.
Last year he was Ukip’s candidate for Kent Police and Crime Commissioner and just lost out to Conservative Matthew Scott. Political views:
Mr Bolton has campaigned against extremism on both the right and left and has spoken out against a right-wing insurgency into Ukip.
Launching his Ukip leadership bid in July, he spoke about his strong opposition to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), describing it as abhorrent and illegal.
On the EU, he has been highly critical of British plans to form a security partnership with the bloc, saying Brussels would have a hold on British forces beyond Brexit, which would have security implications for the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar.
Mr Bolton has used his experience as a former team leader for the European Commission’s Border Management Consultancy in Georgia and Macedonia to criticise the British Coastguard allowing migrants to risk their lives crossing the English Channel.
On Brexit, he said: “We have a moral responsibility to make sure Brexit is a success for everybody.” 

Military achievements:

Mr Bolton served in the British Army from 1979 to 2000, and passed out of the Royal Military Acdemy Sandhurst as Best Overall Cadet.
He served in the UK, Germany, Belize, Cyprus and Boznia with the Royal Hussars before he was commissioned in the Wessex Regiment in the Territorial Army and was promoted to captain in 1994.
After leaving the Army he was a police officer for nine years with Thames Valley Police where he was commended for bravery.
Security expert:
Mr Bolton has become a leading security expert after leaving the police, working frequently with the British Government.
He has been deployed to Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Georgia, Central Asia, Libya and Ukraine by the Foreign and Common Office as well as the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), the world’s largest regional security organisation with 57 member states across Europe, Asia and North America.
During his time in the Army he was also head of the UN Office and a senior UN representative.
Mr Bolton started his work with the EU in 2003, leading a team managing the Macedonian border then the Georgian border and last year finished two and a half years of working as a strategic planner for the EU Common Security and Defence Policy in Ukraine, Libya and North Africa, Afghainstan, Kosovo and Georgia.
He was awarded an OBE after leading the British Government’s Stabilisation Unit in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2012, to help the country re-group and work against the Taliban.
His LinkedIn profile says he currently works as a Senior Deploy-able Civilian Expert Adviser to the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit supporting the Government’s activities in fragile and conflict-affected states.
He is also a senior security consultant, claiming he is described “by the UK media as ‘arguably the foremost border security expert in the UK'”.

These details were taken from a reasonable source but as of yet have not been substantiated.

A video recorded before the election result.



This video shows how democratic the European Parliament really are.

A dictatorship and one that Theresa May is very likely to surrender to. 




After Theresa Mays speech in Florence which was basically a surrender to the EU leaders we need to ensure as much pressure is brought to bare on the government.

The petition below is one way of applying such pressure. Please sign and help stop those that do not believe in the values of democracy.


Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 11.59.00


Screenshot 2017-08-29 at 12.58.41


A New Structure for a Renewed Party

You will have heard recently, from Party Chairman Paul Oakden, of the task we have set ourselves in adapting to the change in our party’s circumstances and emphasis. We are moving away from being a party whose operation is geared around European Elections and instead shifting our focus to the vital task of gaining elected representation right here in a new, independent UK.

To make that happen I have been given the exciting responsibility of devising a structure which can best represent the party, on the ground, to it’s members and activists. I would like to set out what this new structure looks like and offer you the chance to become a part of this change.

Before I do so I would like to make it absolutely clear that we are making no changes at this stage to any of the elected committees you are accustomed to. They will remain in place and while they will certainly be impacted by the changes I believe that their future should be decided by the membership rather than the party centrally. This restructure is purely to deploy a number of new voluntary roles who are there to represent the party to the grassroots and their elected officials.

The affairs and activity of branches and their members have traditionally been the domain of the Regional Organisers. That is to end and will be replaced with the following:

Regional Controller
Regional Communications Manager
County Organiser

The Regional Controller is the direct replacement for the old Regional Organiser. This new role carries with it all of the delegated authority of the Party Chairman previously associated with the RO. The RC will collaborate with and direct both the Regional Communications Manager and the County Organisers in their patch.

The Regional Communications Manager will be there to ensure that there is a two-way flow of information between party and membership and vice versa. The Chairman spoke recently regarding some of the problems we have been experiencing with electronic communications and the RCM is also a safeguard against that.

The County Organiser is a person whose focus is solely on the UKIP campaigning activity in a single manageable area. Now I should point out that often this may not be a single County. It may be a region, for example in Wales where we have no counties, or it may be a group of counties. Initially we are broadly aiming for one organiser per county, however where this is not possible then there will possibly be some consolidation of these areas into groups. In this first round of applications we are not looking for this specific role in either Scotland or Northern Ireland.

One key change is that two of our regions, The South East and The South West, are to be split in two to make them more manageable and therefore there are RC and RCM roles available in South West (North), South West (South), South East (West) and South East (North).

Any member in good standing may apply for any of the roles. To do so simply log in (you will need to be registered on the site) to the MyUKIP website at and on the menu click MyUKIP and then Regional Restructure or click this link:

There is a full role description available for download on the landing page. Please read them carefully so that you are sure to apply for the role which suits your skills and availablility. We will close this first round of applications on September 8th 2017 and will aim to have the first tranche of appointments made by the time of the conference in Torquay

Finally I would like to pay a special tribute to all of those people, past and present, who have ever occupied one of the party-appointed organiser roles. It was a huge task for which there was never enough time and which required immense commitment to do well. You all stood between the membership and the Chairman, fielding all manner of queries, disciplinary matters, disputes and logistical challenges largely without complaint and with enthusiasm for the objectives of this great party. I thank you all on behalf of the party, it’s present and former chairmen and leaders and, of course, the officials, members and activists you have supported.

Please forward this email to any member who you think should see it

All the best,

Noel Matthews
Party Agent




Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 19.45.30****************************


Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 19.47.29


Screenshot 2017-05-04 at 09.43.02

Creating a strong, robust & viable structure

Most of our members are understandably (and justifiably) enjoying some sort of summer break, particularly away from politics.

The last few years seem like a blur of elections, one ballot after another, each offering us a part to play and in each, our membership rose to meet the challenge, showing the same drive and tenacity that political commentators have come to expect from UKIP.

Counter-intuitively, over the last two months, those of us in the centre have been enjoying an unexpected period of stability. We have an excellent Interim Leader in Steve Crowther, who has an unrivalled understanding of our party and who, most importantly, is determined to do what is necessary to help UKIP evolve into what it needs to be for the future.

Working with him has been our NEC, your elected volunteers who come together once a month to feed your voices into the central management of the party, to make sure that our Grassroots remain the beating heart of our organisation. Often criticised (usually from non-members operating online under pseudonyms), they give up their time and money to help make our party work.

For my part, I marked my one year anniversary as Chairman last week – yes, it came as a surprise to me too. Whilst I’ve been hearing from many of you, telling me of your summer adventures, the team and I have been working quietly in the background to try and build a structure and financial platform through which the next Leader can flourish.

Financial stability will no doubt be key to our future success. Working with our excellent Treasurer, John Bickley, our mind-set over the last year has been focused on raising more money than we spend – it sounds simple, but it’s a culture shift that has led to our still operating today, and has secured us the prospect of a future.

As a consequence of this change, we now operate with far fewer salaried staff,  down to a fifth of what they were two years ago.  Those who remain have all voluntarily sacrificed a significant percentage of their wage to help our party operate in accordance with its new philosophy. I know of no other organisation that would have that level of commitment and dedication to its future from the people it employs, particularly at a time when they’re being given more work to do, not less.

National Restructure

One of the things I’m particularly excited about is the excellent work Noel Matthews has been doing on the party restructure. Many of you will have noticed that your Regional Organiser may have given up the role recently and that the party has taken no steps to replace them. The simple reason is that we want to change the way in which these roles are appointed and make the process more transparent, open and crucially more available to the membership.

I want to thank all of our outgoing Regional Organisers for the amazing contribution that they have made. We will shortly launch a recruitment process which will invite any member to apply for the role of either Regional Controller, Regional Communications Manager or County Organiser.

Role descriptions will be available for download on the MyUKIP website, where you will also have the opportunity to apply online. Our aim is to have the majority of the positions appointed by the time the party conference comes around.

To be absolutely clear I want to assure everybody that these roles are not replacing the elected officials of your Regional and County Committees. Those officials will remain in place as before. These are the roles whose primary focus is to represent the party to the members, while your elected structure is , of course, the reverse.

Watch out for an email very soon from National Party Agent, Noel Matthews, who is overseeing and deploying the new structure, which will tell you more and guide those who are interested through the application and appointment process.

New National Nominating Officer

In July, the NEC appointed Peter Staveley as our new National Nominating Officer (NNO), after the departure of Chris Adams. Peter will be writing out to members in the coming week to outline some of the excellent ideas he has to move our nominating system forward. Peter is one of the unsung heroes of UKIP and has worked for several years on helping facilitate our nominating system; now with his hands on that element of the party, we’re all excited to see how he can make it work better.

New General Secretary

Finally, Jonathan Arnott has now stepped down as General Secretary and I’m delighted that (my almost namesake) Paul Oakley has agreed to take on the role. Paul is an incredibly impressive, diligent and committed NEC member, with a legal background that makes him the perfect choice for the role. He stood for the NEC on a platform of transparency and openness and he is already working hard alongside colleagues to deliver that to our members.

Once appointed, Paul said “I am honoured to take over this role and grateful for all the work previously done by Jonathan Arnott MEP as General Secretary. At this time it is important that we stand solidly behind the new leader who will be elected next month; it is our duty as a party to ensure that Brexit is not betrayed by the many bitter people and groups that are ranged against us. With this in mind, together with the fact that I’m looking forward to a quiet life regarding disciplinary matters, the message goes out: behave yourselves!”

Kind regards.

Paul Oakden
Party Chairman




I would REMAIN because BECAUSE  : :

I prefer my country to be run by : unelected, non-British

career politicians, sitting in Brussels, on substantial salaries, generous expenses. and unaffordable pensions.

I enjoy being heavily taxed in order that Britain can send my money to the EU in the form of our national contribution,  even though that organisation that has not managed a verifiable audit of its finances for twenty two years, and does not use an internationally recognised system of accountancy.

I haven’t read Yanis Varoufakis’s book explaining German domination of the EU, and exploitation of the euro.

I should have realised that the BBC and press is heavily EU funded to publicise and promote the EU in the UK.

I am happy for Britain’s contributions to subsidise 25 European nations, who would not exist if we and our Commonwealth allies had not saved them from Nazi Germany in W.W.2.  at no charge ! !

I like Britain being one of just three net contributors to the EU budget, and for twenty five other states to be net takers.

I prefer to accept Government’s stated figure for the annual cost to the British taxpayer of EU membership of £12 billion, when a body that government consults on monetary matters :

( The Tax Payers Alliance ) has assessed the true total annual cost to be in excess of £120 billion, probably well in excess .

I was unaware that the EU was conceived by secretive, deceitful individuals ( Monnet – Schumann et al ) intent on establishing an organisation that would subjugate Europe under German rule,  disguised as democratic and philanthropic, but that was from the outset, a German initiated conspiracy to conquer Europe politically, having failed to do so by military means.

I choose to forget that the entire unelected EU Commission under

Jacques Delour  was forced to resign in 1999 for corruption and ineptness.  including Britain’s Commissioners : Leon Brittan and Neil


By accepting the BBC’s propaganda I was unaware of the high level conspiracy within the Tory party in the early 1970s seeking to take us into the Common Market, knowing it was simply a ploy to integrate our nation into a political federation called the EU, by stealth and deceit, via John Major’s signing of the Maastricht Treaty  :

I prefer Britain – the land that my great grandchildren will inherit, to be administered under laws made by unelected EU officials in Brussels. acting under orders from Berlin.

If UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage, is consistently disrespectful to the EU parliament and its senior officials, surely this is justified by their

cynical contempt for the British electorate,  including  : expecting them to accept rule by an unelected Commission.

What Martin Luther did to the Catholic church, Nigel Farage has done to the EU.

Promoted and published by P . McHugh on behalf of UKIP Bromsgrove – printed commercially.



West Midlands Metro Mayor Candidate.

Andy Street elected West Midlands Mayor.

Screenshot 2017-05-07 at 17.34.52

The former John Lewis boss Andy Street has won the West Midlands mayoral race for the Conservatives.