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UKIP Leadership contest

I have been appointed by UKIP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to be returning officer for the leadership election. The count will take place on 29th September so that the new leader may be announced at our annual conference in Torquay.

I am determined that the leadership election will be conducted in a fair, open fashion, with no negative campaigning. As in the last leadership election, the party will be handing over the administration of the ballot to a reputable independent organisation. All candidates will be given the option of having their representatives at the opening of the ballot envelopes at the count.

Nominations open at 10am tomorrow morning when the following link will be active. Candidates will be directed to the online application form upon receipt of their deposit and application fee.

Candidates will need to be registered to MyUKIP in order to access the page. Any queries regarding their application should be directed to Kirstan Herriot at and any other queries should be directed to the Returning Officer at

Kind regards,

Piers Wauchope

Returning Officer



A Temporary Page To Update The Situation With The UKIP Party.

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A Statement From Paul Nuttall

This morning, I wrote to the Party Chairman to inform of him of my decision to resign as the Leader of UKIP, with immediate effect.

When I took over at the end of last year, with the support of so many of you, I had a plan to unite and rebuild our party. I always knew that in the first year, we would face a difficult set of local elections but I was confident that with a summer of reform we could work on refocusing our party on a new future.

Sadly, things haven’t turned out the way we had hoped. Instead of just one, I’ve led our party through three difficult elections.  They were always going to be tough, but I believed in the future of our party and knew that I needed to stay standing, to see us through to calmer waters when we could undertake the changes we needed.

I have done everything in my power to lead from the front and to make our party proud – I really do love UKIP and more than anybody I want it to succeed.

I’m very proud of the campaign we’ve fought. We have reclaimed our position as the outrider of British politics, daring to speak out on the very real dangers that face our country. For a second time, we stood on a first rate, costed manifesto that offered real options on how to build a safe, prosperous post-Brexit Britain. We made an early decision to stand down in hundreds of seats, to offer Brexit candidates a better opportunity of getting over the line, which has meant that our overall vote share has fallen. Putting our country before party was a decision that you would never see an establishment party take.

Ultimately, it wasn’t enough. In an election that was framed by the Prime Minister as being all about Brexit, voters have focused everything on who would be the next Prime Minister and that has undoubtedly led to a return of two party politics – temporarily.

UKIP’s time will come again, of that I’m certain. But it will come under a new Leader, who hopefully now has the clear water ahead of them to make the party we all love a success. Whomever that Leader is, they will have my full and loyal support as I return to representing my North West Region from the European Parliament.

Thank you all.

Paul Nuttall.


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A Statement From Paul Oakden

It was with huge sadness that I received the letter this morning from Paul Nuttall, confirming his decision to resign as Party Leader.

Once again we’re left with decisions to make on who and how we elect our next Leader.

On Monday, the NEC will meet to decide the process for the impending Leadership Election. I will write out on Monday night to confirm what those details are.

In the meantime it falls to the NEC to appoint an interim Leader, to keep a safe and steady hand on the tiller for those few weeks whilst a Leadership contest takes place.

Conversations have taken place within the NEC to establish who is best placed to offer that stability in the very short term and I’m delighted to confirm that former Chairman Steve Crowther has been elected overwhelmingly by the committee to lead the party on an interim basis.

Steve has a solid relationship with the NEC, both former Leaders and our biggest donors. He has seen this situation before and will know how best to navigate through these tumultuous weeks. Knowing that Steve came top in the last NEC elections by a clear margin, also gives us confidence that he has the support of our membership.

We should all offer him our support as we seek to put a new Leadership Team in place.

I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to Paul Nuttall for having had the courage and strength of will to forge on over six difficult months for our party. Paul is a good, decent and humble man and I’ve no doubt that he will be remembered as the person who kept UKIP alive when everything seemed determined to bring it to an end.

Once again, the overwhelming reaction of our membership this morning gives hope and confidence that our party will grow well into the future. Thank you to all of you for continuing to be a part of it.

Now, over to our new, interim Leader

Kind regards

Paul Oakden
Party Chairman.


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Statement from Steve Crowther

I am honoured to have been asked by the NEC to stand in as Interim Leader for the next few weeks until our new Party Leader is elected.

I respect Paul’s decision to step down, though I regret that he has not had time to show his full potential. In recent weeks he has started to really resonate with members of the party, and the public at large, with his robust messages on security and integration.

But this was always going to be a difficult election. We just didn’t know that Mrs May was going to make such an almighty hash of it.

We expected that the government would cement its mandate to take forward the Brexit negotiations with more confidence and power. Instead, she has done the precise opposite.

UKIP’s presence on the political battlefield has just got a lot more critical, as those who want to thwart Brexit use this excuse to try and throw it into reverse. Despite the Lib-Dems’ total failure to recover, Nick Clegg losing his seat and his own narrow squeak, Tim Farron is already claiming that Mrs May’s incompetent electioneering somehow overrides the expressed will of the people to leave the EU.

We cannot let this happen. UKIP will now rapidly regroup, choose a new Leader and get back on our horse. We will provide the backbone for the full, proper Brexit that the people voted for last year, and which is the only way to protect this country from the impending economic meltdown in Europe, and get back control of our borders – something which is clearly long overdue.

I will be talking to colleagues over the weekend and meeting with the NEC on Monday, to ensure that the party is ‘strong and stable’ and ready to support the new Leader in the challenging times ahead of us.

Steve Crowther
Interim Leader, UKIP



Message From Steve Crowther.

First of all, thank you to all of you who put so much into this unwanted and gruelling campaign over the past six weeks. It was an incredibly tough task, and you have shown such courage and commitment.

We knew we were going to have a tough time, with many of our friends deciding to place their vote elsewhere this time, for the good of the country.

What we did not bargain for was Theresa May’s utter hopelessness. Calling a snap ‘Brexit election’, then fighting it on an ill-thought-through covert inheritance tax; and failing to notice that while she is clearly unsuited to campaigning, it is the only thing that Jeremy Corbyn is really good at.

I am honoured that the NEC has asked me to stand in following Paul’s resignation.

I would like to pay tribute to him for his courage and fortitude in taking on the Leadership when he was called upon to do so, and sticking with it through some awful times. In the latter stages of this campaign, he has really hit his stride, putting forward a strong and vital message about our need to get to grips with the jihadi threat.

An Interim Leader’s role is to keep the show on the road and try not to do anything stupid until the proper Leader can take over. I will do my best to do that for you, and make sure the Party is ready for the very real challenges ahead. We are needed more than ever now.

Steve Crowther

Interim Leader, UKIP.


Message From Steve Crowther. 10th June 2017.

When Theresa May triggered the snap election on 18th April, she didn’t just intend to stamp on Jeremy Corbyn. She intended to stamp out UKIP.

Indeed, we knew that many committed Brexiteers would vote Tory in a bid to give her the strongest possible mandate with which to negotiate the full Brexit they voted for last year.

Those same people are now absolutely furious. The phones at Lexdrum House were ringing off the hook yesterday. Theresa May has conned many people out of their vote, and then wasted it. As one UKIP supporter said brilliantly on the BBC: “We passed her the ball in the penalty area, and she lobbed it over the bar”.

At the same time, I found while canvassing this week that people in even the sleepiest country towns are absolutely incensed about the internal jihadi threat, evidenced by the squalid crimes in London and Manchester. They want something done about it, and see the Tories and Labour as equally useless in knowing what that should be.

That means we have a HUGE opportunity right now. Far from consigning UKIP to oblivion, the incompetent May has given us a massive shot of adrenalin.

The first thing I intend to do at Monday’s NEC is launch a recruitment drive.

People often say to us “we never see politicians except when they want our votes”. We will go back to them over the next two months and ask not for their votes, but their support. I predict it will be a shot in the arm for every branch.

We will be preparing a leaflet addressing the key issues, and the Alan Bown has already financed half a million copies. I hope you will help get some out to the public in your area, and kick-start the Great UKIP Revival.

Thanks – I know you’re footsore and tired, but this could prove very worthwhile indeed.

Steve Crowther

Interim Leader, UKIP


May’s lifeboat coalition must not compromise the most important goal of Brexit – border control

The disastrous May Election must not be allowed to derail the Brexit process or lead to a watering-down of the people’s primary objective – taking back control over the nation’s borders – said UKIP interim leader Steve Crowther.

“Though she is personally damaged as our negotiator, the suggestion that Mrs May’s dismal electoral performance relieves the government of the need to achieve full Brexit is absolutely unacceptable,” he said.

“The people voted last year to leave the EU, full stop. Mrs May’s incompetent electioneering makes not the slightest difference to that. If the Conservative-DUP government thinks it can backslide on this, it will rapidly find that it is mistaken.

“In particular, the DUP’s concerns about the Irish border issue must not lead to an acceptance of any ‘free movement of people’ in the negotiation. The Common Travel Area provisions in place since the 1920s are a perfectly adequate basis for resolving that anomaly.

“The people of this country want control of their borders and an end to the disastrous policy of open-door immigration which has led to a rapidly-rising population, a funding crisis in health and education, pressure on housing and wages, and dangerous social alienation.

UKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP added that there was, “no need for a fundamental risk to Brexit from the DUP because the border with Northern Ireland and EIRE can go back to pre 1993 rules.”

Mr Crowther said, “UKIP’s phones are ringing off the hook. Rather than blotting us out, Mrs May has re-energised the party, and we will not be letting her or her successor wriggle out of their responsibilities.”