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I am pleased to announce appointments to my Cabinet.

UKIP has a moral obligation to hold the government to account for taking us out of the European Union. Clear and decisive leadership is crucial and we shall deliver it. Together, my team and I will now commence the urgent work of projecting our party firmly and decisively into British politics with the purpose of securing our nation’s interests through Brexit and beyond.



Deputy Leader

Margot Parker MEP

Asst. Deputy Leader

Jim Carver MEP

Asst. Deputy Leader

Mike Hookem MEP

Interim Chairman

Paul Oakden

Political Advisor

Jonathan Arnott

Leader of UKIP in Wales

Neil Hamilton AM

Leader of UKIP in Scotland

David Coburn MEP

Spokesman for UKIP in London

Peter Whittle AM

MEP Delegation Leader

Ray Finch MEP

Home Affairs/Police & Fire

Jane Collins MEP


Peter Jewell

Immigration & Integration

John Bickley

Cyber & Terrorism

Richard Bingley


Jonathan Arnott MEP


Christopher Mills

Small Business

Ernie Warrender

Trade & Industry

William Dartmouth MEP


Andrew Charalambous

Transport & Infrastructure

Jill Seymour MEP


Jonathan Bullock MEP


Stuart Agnew MEP


Mike Hookem MEP


Dr Julia Reid MEP

Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs

Ray Finch MEP


Henry Bolton


Mike Hookem MEP


Dr Julia Reid MEP

Culture & Arts

David Meacock

Communities & Local Government

Tim Aker MEP

Equalities & Disabilities

Cllr Star Anderton

Exiting the EU/BREXIT

Gerard Batten MEP

Electoral Reform

David Allen


Bill Etheridge MEP

Aid & International Development

Margot Parker MEP


Henry Bolton OBE
Party Leader



Dear Members,

I shall be providing you with regular updates on my activities. This is the first of those reports.

My first week as Party Leader started very much in the media spotlight. I’ve appeared on ITV, the BBC (twice), Russia Today (twice), LBC, Talk Radio, BBC South East, Australian TV, Italian TV and many others. The media attention continues but has eased off, partly because of the mess the Tories are in, allowing me to concentrate on the urgent task of planning for the future.

I know many of you want to know what decisions I have made regarding my team and various aspects of reorganisation, but I intend to get them right, not rush them. To that end I am familiarising myself fully with the present situation: the state of our finances, personnel issues, organisational matters, legal affairs, processes etc. before I decide anything concrete. We all know there are problems and I am determined to solve them properly. That said, you will not need to wait long, I shall be promulgating a range of decisions one week from now.

‘Fake News’ is an ongoing issue and appears to have infected the party. I am not in the habit of commenting on rumours and speculation, but I also hear there is a rumour that anyone who voted for Anne-Marie Waters is unwelcome in the party. This is untrue. Anyone who believes in and supports our party is welcome. During my acceptance speech I said “Whether you voted for me or not, I would call on you all, please, to rally around the party, to be united, because without being united, we cannot lead the nation.” Please watch that speech here: 

Ignore any mendacious attempts to undermine and damage our party. We have a job to do and two immediate priorities to get on with:

Ensuring Brexit is delivered and that it launches us on the path to being prosperous, secure, optimistic, confident and proud nation in every way;

Giving local people a say over the future of their communities; forcing local government to listen and serve.

The coming week:

During coming week I have a range of national and international media appearances. I shall be travelling to Brussels to speak with our MEP’s and staff there and I then hope to pay an initial visit to Lexdrum House. At the end of the week I shall be finalising appointments to my top team and Shadow Cabinet.

In the coming couple of months I shall be asking the party to commence the selection of constituency Parliamentary Spokesmen who will, when we get to the next General Election, become our Parliamentary Candidates. Before doing so however, I wish to ensure that we have the necessary resources in place to properly support them.

Henry Bolton OBE
Party Leader